Lucky Colors For Leo

Lucky Colors For Leo
  • Date: 23rd July – 22nd August
  • Ruling planet: Sun
  • Ruling element: Fire
  • Ruling house: Fifth
  • Polarity: Positive
  • Dominant quality: Fixed
  • Lucky day: Sunday
  • Lucky colour: Yellow, Orange, Golden and ochre
  • Lucky gemstone: Carnelian, Yellow Sapphire


The particular colour palette for Leo is both pretty surprising and pretty predictable. Here we go on to add another power colour to the lucky colour palette of Leo which is pink.

So here we go, the lucky colours for the Leo signs:-

Gold / Yellow and their shades

Gold is the most appropriate and the lucky colour for these lions. Leo is the sign which is ruled by the two ferocious forces, the planet Sun and the element of fire. Therefore golden and the shades of golden good suit these people.

Gold is definitely the colour of royalty, and it denotes pomp and show. It is the colour that signifies fire, and freedom and the freedom to march on forward. Gold, therefore, proves very lucky for Leo as a complementary part of their colour palette. Golden also points out to the confidence that is bestowed upon someone.

Gold is a sign of good health, vitality, longevity and immune system. This is conferred by the qualities of both Sun and fire. Gold brings upon ‘ferocity and velocity’ as a welcome sign for those who might require it. Therefore Gold becomes a lucky colour for most of the Leos.

Wearing yellow clothes, carrying a golden hanky, wearing a stone-like carnelian or a yellow sapphire, keeping stones such as citrine pencils or something like putting up golden ornaments will undoubtedly benefit you in the long run. Gold also brings upon fearlessness and provides one with the self endowment one might require. For the Leos, gold also denotes wealth and money. Therefore golden for Leo is a lucky colour in the financial sense for the Leos.

The golden colour is the carrier of the vibes of childhood. It is a denotation of the once inside child that was existent. This purely indicates the longevity of the heart, full of the sense of longing for the old times when things were brand new and exciting. So the colour gold is a lucky colour in the sense that it will always keep the excitement alive for most of the Leos.

Golden denotes happiness, mornings, beginnings, harvest, and every other thing that confers life with the possibility of novelty and freshness. Gold is the eliminatory force for most of the negativity, things like low self-esteem, lack of confidence and such. These happen when Saturn makes a major move transit to the Sun of the people. Therefore gold becomes all the luckier as a colour for the Leos.



Orange is considered a lucky colour for a lot of zodiacs especially Leos. Orange is supposedly the colour of the Sun during the dawns, therefore marking the soulful beginning of the day with freshness, newness, and novelty. Orange, therefore, symbolizes the power of beginnings, the power of starting with the strength of truth and the freshness of mind and thought that once has. Therefore orange is a lucky colour for Leo.

Orange is a sign of optimism. Orange signifies the end of the conflict. Orange signifies that some matters are so easily solvable and should require the work of brains and the heart. Orange is, therefore, the heart colour of Leo making it lucky for them.

Orange is a significant marker for the social outpouring, social presence and stigmas. It marks the end of sorrow, the prevailing loneliness, and gives a significant surge of attention in the society. There might be an increasing understanding and the feeling of kindness for someone. Orange denotes the bloom of love. Orange is, therefore, a lovable lucky colour for Leo.

Wearing orange clothes, carrying orange hankies or smearing orange vermilion while one is beginning some auspicious work might prove fruitful and lucky as a colour for the Leos.



Red is said to be the spirit colour of Leo because it actually emblemizes the colour of the soul of the Leo, which is filled with the courage and passion of red.

Red is the colour that denotes action, power, confidence and madness. Red brings upon the dearth of the fear that might be sitting in the corner of one’s heart. Red denotes agility and body power. Therefore red, as a colour, becomes important for the Leos.

Red is more important than lucky or Leos. Leos are said to be stimulated with the colour red (so do Scorpio and Aries). This stimulation is important for them to bring any subject to completion and provide finishing.

Red denotes blood, which means the warmth and sprightliness filled inside a Leo. Therefore Red becomes a lucky colour for them.



Pink is the colour of the Sun at dusk when the day is about to end. Therefore pink denotes the power of a perfect closure. The colour pink has a deep association with the sun in Vedic astrology. Pink represents the inner strength, calm and compassion that is a much-required agenda for the Leos. Pink denotes insight and intuition, and the colour of the bloom. Pink is the colour of love and beauty. Pink is self alleviation and dignity. Pink is the face of fervour and energy.  Pink is, therefore, one of the luckiest colours for the Leos. The power of pink can be harnessed most through wearing a ruby, carrying pink objects on an everyday basis and such.


Colours Leo should avoid for some important occasions

The two colours that Leo can go without are green and blue. These two colours come at the hind part of a rainbow. These colours are cold and blatant for the hot-headed Leos. These might create a halo of a negative aura around the Leos. These might also cause great jealousy, envy, and other negative feelings. Therefore these two colours are not lucky and could possibly be avoided as far as possible.