Luck and The Ashthakoota System-Bringing good luck into kundali matching

Luck and The Ashthakoota System-Bringing good luck into kundali matching

Marriage is a divine ritual that ties two individuals together. It is important for the two people involved in this union to be a good match for each other. A good match is a key to a successful matching and that is why the system of matching kundali’s gains more importance. In Kundali matching, the couple’s horoscopes are studied to determine whether the bond will be successful or not. This method involves the matching of stars, celestial bodies, and positions of planets and constellations related with the birth of the couple. However, this method also depends on the factor of luck.

The Ashthakoota System is a North Indian system, which is also referred to as the Kuta system or Kundali milan. This system uses the placement of the moon in each other's respective charts, to determine the compatibility level of a match. In total, there are eight main Ashthakoota factors that are considered. Evaluation is done on the basis of points. Out of the total 36 points, a score below 18 is said to be bad and a score of 21 or above determines a good match.


Eight Ashthakoota factors to be considered: 


Varna Koota: In Varna Koota, mental compatibility, approach to work and the role of luck is taken into account. This method determines the personality type of an individual by observing their inherent skills and potential. A person’s approach towards the professional sector and work is also determined. This checks whether the egos of two individuals are compatible. If both are said to have the same personality type, a maximum value of 1 point is awarded.

Vashya Koota: In Vashya Koota, the power compatibility and the level of dominance of each partner are determined. It is also considered to determine the power of magnetic attraction between two individuals. There are five different personalities which determine the status of power. These include Individualism with the power to determine, Powerful with the tendency to dominate, less powerful, Individual power which makes a small-scale influence and the possession of a quiet power which has the ability to balance a smaller sphere of influence. The maximum value of 2 points is awarded in accordance with this.

Tara Koota: Tara Koota indicates the health and well-being of a couple based on the match. This match is necessary to determine whether marriage is beneficial for the health and well-being of the couple. It also determines good fortune and longevity. An auspicious match will earn a maximum of 3 points in this sector. 

Yoni Koota: Yoni Koota is used to check the physical and sexual compatibility of the couple. This determines the sexual and biological compatibility which reflects attraction, sexual joy and love, between a couple. The sexual tendencies of an individual are determined on the basis of animals. It is then checked whether the two animals acquire natural affinity towards each other. A maximum of 4 points is awarded depending on the levels of affinity.

Graha Maitri Koota: The Graha Maitri Koota determines the rate of progeny, harmony and affection. It shows how likely the couple is to have children and their mutual affection towards each other. The outlook, objective and intellectual level of an individual is also determined. It also takes into consideration the spiritual plane of existence of an individual. It determines attitude levels towards each other. Based on this math, a maximum of 5 points are awarded. 

Gana Koota:   The Gana Koota determines the outlook of life of an individual. There are three types of outlooks- more spiritual than materialistic, possessing an even balance between earthiness and loftiness and down to earth which is being more materialistic than spiritual. If both partners possess the same outlook on life, they are awarded the highest score of a maximum of 6 points. 

Bhakoot Koota: The Bhakoot Koota is used to determine the level of prosperity which comes with the union of marriage. It also indicates sorrow, happiness, longevity, children, wealth and health. It checks the presence of love in a relationship. It is an extremely important koota in making a match and contributes to a maximum of 7 points.

Nadi koota: The Nadi Koota is used to check the health of partners and progeny and also the life force compatibility. It does so by comparing the Ayurvedic mind/body doshas (Vatta, Pitta, Kapha) of each individual. This in turn shows how psycho-physiological energies attract each other. The highest score acquired in this koota is 8. 

The Ashthakoota System considers all the aspects of an individual's life which determines compatibility between individuals. It is a very reliable method and is bound to enhance good luck in kundali matching. A high score or ‘Guna’ indicates that a couple of matches with each other in many different aspects like personality, health, progeny, outlook, wealth, etc. If there is a similarity in these spheres, luck automatically plays a role and helps with the successful matching of each other's kundali.