There are different kinds of people in this world and they can be categorized into many different aspects. One such is marriage while there are people who are very lucky and blessed with love marriage there are others who want to get married through arranged means.

People often tend to think about questions like the quality of marriage, nature of their significant other, timing of their marriage, etc. If you have such questions popping in your head, then why rely on Kundali Milan.

If God is with you and has blessed you with your choice of love you are the luckiest then. Well, it can be a bane as well, as you never know what kind of person the divine power has in store for you. And if so, will be able to get away from such pre-made decisions.

If you have a record of good karmas then you get your freewill and your choice would be respected. This can be deciphered into simpler terms as you were born on ‘karmbhoomi’ and hence for you to have the power to maximize or minimize any impact, a clear picture of your good and bad karmas as well as your fixed destiny is considered.

Marriage prediction with the help of numerology:

According to numerology, there are nine types of traits in a human being. There are different kinds of emotions when it comes to love; the hopeless romantic, the practical ones, the beauty-seekers, etc.

Some people might think this is just some nature that is developed in time. No, it is not. The way you emote your love related feelings depends on your numerology, the psyche number that you belong to have these thoughts pre-fed in your brain and heart.

The nine different traits mentioned earlier refers to this. There are 1 to 9 psyche numbers. Each of it has a different value. So considering numerology, the attributes of a person depends on aspects like destiny number, psyche number, name number, date of birth, the month of birth, year of birth, zodiac, etc. All these help in predicting your destined marriage type.

Prediction for Number 1:

You like to read your way through everything, including your partner. You just hate if someone tries to force something on you. You never give up and chances are that you will get married to someone you have loved since childhood.

Prediction for Number 2:

You will want to connect mentally with your partner. You will always listen to your heart in love related matters. Emotional connection is more important to you than a sexual connection. You have extreme mood swings and want to have a good life with your partner.

Prediction for Number 3:

You want to get married to the best person for you and take decisions rationally when it comes to love. You are always the dominant one in a relationship. More than spending time with your partner, you value working towards your career.

Prediction for Number 4:

You are very unique but most of you believe in having a lot of relationships outside marriage. However, you are extremely loyal to your partner and it is impossible for your partner to know about your extra relationships. Your temper can cause a problem and lead to divorce.

Prediction for Number 5:

You want someone who is stable since you are fast thinkers and keep changing your opinions very quickly. You engage in a lot of relationships before choosing the perfect partner. Sexual intimacy holds a lot of value for you and you adore experimenting with things.

Prediction for Number 6:

You are very charming and chances are that you involve yourself in a lot of relationships after marriage. You need a partner with whom you can connect emotionally. Sexual intimacy is very important to you.

Prediction for Number 7:

You do not talk much and pair well with the number 2 people. You are very dreamy and think a lot about everything. You should, however, reduce stress in your life and try relaxing a lot. You want a partner you can keep you happy.

Prediction for Number 8:

You are extremely loyal and very emotional as well. You will go best with the number 4 people. You are very loyal when in love. However, your nature can sometimes make you suffer in a relationship.

Prediction for Number 9:

You are very aggressive and need a lot of sexual attention. It is difficult for you to get emotionally attached to your partner. You might have a lot of relationships outside the marriage for sexual pleasures.

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