Love is in the Air When You See, These 5 Best Tarot Cards in a Romantic Tarot Reading

Love is in the Air When You See, These 5 Best Tarot Cards in a Romantic Tarot Reading

Everything is about love now whether it is songs, movies, television series, etc. We like to preach about love all the time but we often forget that it is not loving, that is difficult, it is us.

We are very fond of picking problems in others whereas sometimes it is as simple as sitting down and asking yourself, are we the problem or the other person? Some people call it shadow work, some others Meditation.

Tarot Cards are incredible tools that can aid you in your journey of self-growth, self-transformation, and self-actualization. These terms are not interchangeable but point into a direction that is the same: growth.

Let us learn to grow through love and with love by reading about the five Tarot Cards that are an integral part of a Love Tarot Reading.

The Empress

The Empress is a Major Arcana card in a Tarot Deck of 78 cards. The imagery of this card varies from deck to deck but it is an important card for sure. The Empress signifies the feminine dimension of ourselves, intuition, selflessness, and deep assurance that can endure lifetimes! In a Love Reading, when you receive the Empress card, treat it as a positive sign. It means that you’re treading on the right path. Whatever is meant to find you, will find you. Just like The Empress, you’re learning to cultivate confidence in yourself by disregarding trivial matters and being intuitive.

The Tower

People are shocked and often scared when they get The Tower in a Love Reading. The Tower is also a Major Arcana card which signifies a lot of things. It can signify accidents, cuts, wounds, a bolt of major lightning even that can happen in your life- negatively or positively, etc. But whatever is to happen is significant. That is why The Tower Tarot card is also deemed as significant. Do not be sad when you get the Tower Card. It may mean fights and all, but in the long run, it signifies a changing period that will help you blossom to your fullest potential.

The Lovers

Just as the name suggests, this card also forms an important part of a Love Reading. The Lovers should not only be treated on a Romantic scale. The Lovers card signifies everything love can be. It could be familial love, parent-child type of love, friendship love, etc. But in a Love Reading, The Lovers to us, signify the need to connect with our near and dear ones. If one’s situation is not good and smooth, The Lovers talk about the potent need to get close to our family or lovers and mend the situation in our way to the best possible extent.

The Star

The Star card is very exciting to read in a Love Reading. The Star can be meaning anything from shine and luster to the grandeur and embrace of your union with your partner. It talks about the many possibilities around you which you can easily be able to spot with the help of Grace. The Star card in a Love Reading is an assurance ticket that you’re doing what you preach. It is very good if you receive the Star card in your Love Reading.

The Sun

Just like all the above Major Arcana cards, the Sun is also a Major Arcana card that has positive connotations. If you’re going through problems in your love life, The Sun is a signal of the approaching times changing. Nothing remains stationary. If you’ve had a bad day, does not mean it will keep repeating. Someday, there will be a good day for you. The Sun in a Love Reading points to different possibilities you and your partner can see together based on the quality of your partnership. The Sun signifies nurture, care, brighter side, energy, and vigor in a Love Reading. Overall, it is a very positive card.

Next time, do not fret if you receive any cards from the aforesaid ones. They’ll point towards different aspects of your love life. What you do with them is your choice as these are the best Tarot Cards to get in a Love Reading.