Love horoscope for Sagittarius!!

Sagittarius is the 9th house ruler by the chronological numerology in the birth charts. Though we all know that this sign is independent and always loves to have an adventurous life. They never fail to call for adventures in any aspect where it is a routine life or any extraordinary situation.


When it comes to the love horoscope, Sagittarius has 2 top matches namely, Aries and Libra. They can also be compatible with the other signs as everyone has different birth charts according to their particular time and date of birth but the sign is most compatible with those two (Aries and Libra).


Sagittarius always wants to experience everything with perfection that life has to offer them. This sign is represented by an arrow shooting into nothingness as they want to find perfection in everything but doesn’t know what to aim for and so they try to do everything at once.


Keeping all this in mind if we look into the most compatible signs for the Sagittarius, let's first look into the Aries. As both of these signs have a lot in common and often like to challenge each other and try on new adventurous things. Though Sagittarius can be harsh to Aries at times both the signs forgive their partners easily and let it go rather than keeping it and making things worse.


The next compatibility is the Libra and Sagittarius. Both the signs can fulfill the needs of each other and keep the relationship funny and interesting. The signs really enjoy each other’s company as Libra gives endless adventures to their partner and the Sagittarius gives the emotional support which their partner needs at times. This relationship can be tagged as the extroverted one as both of them do not believe in keeping the relations private to the outer world.


This is all about the compatibility of the sign with others but let’s look into a few of the traits of the Sagittarius. As this sign is very attractive it can often give competition to other signs to be one of their own kind. They are the most caring people and will give you the motivation you need at the time when you fall into bad situations.


All with this a Sagittarius has his own appeal for a physical relationship which is not complicated but unique. They really like a mature physical relationship with less amount of humor and more of the sexual compatibility. Though they are really overgoing, they often tend to make a few impulsive decisions in a spontaneous situation and so they need someone who can calm them down to work hard.


If we talk about the horoscope of a Sagittarius for 2020, we can discover that they have a soul mate journey to carry which depends on their decisions. Since we can never climb the stairs without taking the steps which similarly implies the journey they may discover in their future months. Though the past choices do not affect you right now but make you work on yourself a bit more than before which may lead you to ignore a really strong connection. When they have their things sorted enough for falling into new connections, they will never accept to leave their partners alone in the time of their partner’s grief. Even though you gave up your all to be the best for your partner in the past they choose a different direction which affected you a lot but the Sagittarius will not fail to do so again when they find a really strong connection with someone else.


They tend to take things a bit slower this time and not just jump onto the conclusions but want their partner to prove their love for the Sagittarius a bit more.


This year you are going to have a few hard feelings for someone and your soul will get attached to them. When it comes to a relationship, they are truly into a long term relationship and can see loyalty and longevity with their partner.

The Sagittarius is not accepting any negative energy and is in the warrior mode as they are right now in a magical mood. The sign has taken the appropriate step they wanted to take this year and it will last forever. As this sign is in the healing stage of their life, they nearly want everything to fall into the original place as it was. They want everything to be right and in their favor.


They are up for a new soulmate situation which they believe will last forever. Sagittarius has got a lot of defense this year to protect themselves emotionally as they do not want any other devils this year and want to experience love. Overall, it will be an adventurous year just the way they like it to be but they can experience a few serious decisions about their love life which will make them feel better.


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