Love Compatibility by Studying Planets

Love Compatibility by Studying Planets

Love is an emotion the majority of the population desires. Love is associated with both bliss and pain. Bliss, everyone is looking for, and pain, everyone fears. In recent times, the rate of divorces has been very high especially after modern times have allowed people to express their will. Thus, the question of marriage and love compatibility comes into play. Astrology is the study of the planets and celestial bodies that have divine connections with human life. Many people have turned towards astrological love compatibility for leading a blissful marital life with their partners. This article talks about a few aspects that are taken into account while checking the love compatibility between two individuals.


Astrological Synastry

 The process by which the charts of two individuals are checked to determine love compatibility is called astrological synastry. Here, connections are made between the planets and their angles in both the charts to predict the couple’s potential of being successful as love partners. An astrologer studies this chart in detail making stronger angular connections and detailing out instances. These encompass the exact sign degrees of the Ascendant, moon, sun, all the planets in the chart, and all the houses they are positioned in. The astrologer studies these charts along with the temperaments of the two individuals between who the compatibility is being checked. They compare the dominant issues like the placement of houses, presence, and influence of planets, hemisphere emphasis, and other such factors. Although the entirety of the chart is considered during love compatibility, some certain dominant planets and angles are looked into with more detail. These factors are generally regarding the placement of the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mass, the Ascendant/ descendant, and lunar nodes.


Sun’s Role

The presence of the Sun in one’s chart is important for the individual to thrive, feel engaged, and connected with the whole. However, in terms of a relationship, there does not need to be any close introspect between the two Suns in chart compatibility. Yet, in one way or the other both the individual’s solar needs must be acknowledged, validated, and recognized. What matters is the quality of the sun signs that must be met. For example, the Aries sun is most compatible with those whose suns belong to the fire or air signs. 


Moon’s Role

 The moon must be present in one’s chart to determine close relationships, emotions, feelings, and the instinctive side of one’s nature. The absence of the moon determines no levels of intimacy. Lunar connections are important to make the couple feel comfortable and experience luxury in each other’s presence. If the influence of the moon is weak in the person’s chart the couple may experience a lack of emotional security, safety, and nurturing. The moon is all about the quality of emotions present between a couple.


Role of Mercury 

The role of Mercury can often go unnoticed and underrated in making relationship compatibility studies. However, Mercury plays an important role as it reveals the quality of communication between two individuals. And, as we all know, communication is a crucial part of any relationship. Without a strong influence on Mercury, one might find it difficult to portray their emotions and feelings and this can lead to conflict in understanding and expressing needs. Mercury connections provide good affinity in the thinking process, a common ground, enjoy shared interests, and understand each other. 


Role of Venus

 Venus is considered to be a planet of love, comfort, and luxury, and thus an important planet that must be considered in love compatibility. When both Venus and Mars are connected in the couple’s charts, the connection is considered to be extremely powerful and extraordinary. This kind of connection can make an instant spark of love and sexual attraction between the couple. A successful relationship is based on an easy and elegant connection and thus this connection is highly desired in a chart.


Role of Mars

The influence of Mars in an individual’s chart symbolizes passion, desires, aims, and how you go for what you want to get. It plays a crucial role in determining the couple’s urge for passion and if they are compatible on a sexual level. More than anything, the influence of Mars in the couple’s chart determines their sexual life.