Looking at the Four Major Components of Astrology

Looking at the Four Major Components of Astrology

Astrology is a vast field that can often be intimidating or overwhelming if considered in its entire syllabus. Most people are interested in the fascinating field that astrology is.

The study of planets and horoscopes can be exciting and fun. How the universe works, what it is composed of, and how certain elements can influence an individual’s life and personality is certainly very interesting. How are every individual different in their ways yet so similar? Why are we so attracted to some people while being repelled by others? What makes us interested in certain things? Why do we express our feelings differently? All of these answers are determined by the stars above us- Astrology. Astrology is much deeper than daily horoscope predictions. It is a process that can help us understand ourselves and each other better.

The birth or natal chart of an individual, also known as our horoscopes, can be further divided into four main components. These four elements are the planets, zodiacs, houses, and the relationship between the houses which is known as aspects. When coupled together, it forms the personality of the respective individual and holds answers to the questions about his life.

Read below to know about these four components. 


The Four Major Components of Astrology:



Astrology explains the magic of the influence the positions of planets have on an individual’s life. The seven major planets in astrology are Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun, and the Moon. Out of these, Mars has always been considered to be a fruitful planet, that has been glorified both in movies and in science. As it is the planet of fire, it is said to represent the aggression an individual has in themselves. It also represents the masculinity levels in an individual. Venus on the other hand is the planet of comfort and luxury and represents the purity and emotions of a person and their relationships. While it makes the individual gentle and caring it can also make them indecisive and careless.



When the sun, moon, and the different planets move around the earth, an imaginary circle is chalked out in the sky. This circle is best known as the zodiac circle. The zodiac circle is further split into 12 specific components or the zodiacs. Each zodiac is a firm 30-degree specimen. These zodiacs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Behind each zodiac lies a particular constellation that is also known as the representative symbols. Many times, the groupings of zodiacs are used to describe the personality of the individuals following it. For example- Scorpios are mysterious, Geminis are two-faced and Libras are well balanced.



Apart from the 12 zodiacs, a birth chart also comprises 12 different houses. Each house maps out a particular aspect of the individual’s life. Additionally, the planets placed between these houses further influence the personality and characteristics of the individual. The first house is on the horizon line and the other houses follow in an anti-clockwise manner. The Equal house system is the most common system among the varied system of houses. 



The final piece of the puzzle which completes the circle of astrology and study of an individual’s horoscope is the relationship between the elements which are known as aspects. Each planet forms different angles between each other and that too plays an important role in being personality determinants. Planets are said to be aspects of each other if they meet specific angles. The conjunction is the most powerful of angles which are formed when two planets are placed on the same point in the chart. Altogether, these four aspects work together to finally evolve the individual’s personality as a whole.