Listing Types Of Astrology Used, and The Science Behind Each Astrology Explained!

Astrology, as simple as it may seem very few people know how vast, diverse and complicated it is. We all know about how it is supposed to work, right? We know that there are twelve astrological signs in the zodiac system and each represents a segment out of the total of twelve segments of the earth’s orbital path around the sun. Simple, isn’t it? But what if I told you that there is much more to astrology than just this much. What if I told you that this is only one type or branch of astrology? As surprising or unbelievable as it may seem, these are the case.

There are several branches when it comes to the divinatory art of astrology. And each of these branches is equally complex when it comes to how vast and diverse they are, nonetheless, they never fall short when giving insights to a person. In terms of the kind of insight these branches of astrology provide to people, they vary a lot. But regardless of the type of insights they give out to the person seeking answers or guidance, all the insights that one could get through these branches/methods, are equally relevant and valid. The only difference between all these branches is the prospects that are considered for giving the said insights. Some make use of the celestial positions during the time of someone’s birth while others have a completely different approach.

We will now be discussing some of the various branches of astrology so that you have a better understanding of how things work in the world of astrology.

Natal Astrology

This is the branch of astrology that you are most familiar with. This is the branch of astrology that deals with the position of celestial entities during the time of one’s birth. It is this type of astrology that has different categories that exist which we now know as zodiac signs. These signs are nothing but a segment out of a total of 12 segments that represent the orbital path that our planet takes to revolve around the sun. Though people aren’t aware of the name “Natal Astrology”, but they are aware of how things work in this branch of divinatory art.

This makes Natal Astrology not only the most recognized form of divinatory art but also the most used one.

Horary Astrology

Horary astrology is one of the oldest divinatory arts that exist in the twenty-first century.

This branch of astrology is said to have existed from 30,000 BC. No, that is not a typing error, this is actually how old this branch of astrology is. This is what makes this particular branch very reliable when it comes to the kind of insights it provides to the person looking for guidance or answers regarding something.

This is a situation-based form of astrology, where there is a querent (person looking for answers), comes up to an expert and lets them know about a question or situation that they’ve been having in their mind. The expert then makes use of this divinatory art to help the person out with all the intel and insight that he can give. An example of a practice that comes under this branch of astrology is Tarot Card Reading, which helps a querent by setting up different tarot spreads as per their needs.

Electional Astrology

Have you ever felt this particular phrase going on your mind saying “now does not seem the right time to do this”? This is something that you know for a fact that though this is most of the time situational, it is also just a feeling sometimes, the reasons to which even you are not aware. This is what Electional Astrology is about.

This branch of astrology is used to sort out issues related to dates for an event. People who are aware of how this branch of astrology works, make use of it to get dates that would work best for their businesses, marriages, or any important events of life. If you finding it troublesome to understand how this works, have you ever heard about the term “Mohrat”?

Giving out proper “Mohrats” is what this branch does.

These were a few of the branches that exist in the world of astrology. Though there are many others like this out there, we’ll be discussing them sometime later. All we’d say at the moment is that irrespective of what kind of astrology one is making use of, astrology is something that can always change one’s life for the better with the help of the insights it provides. Sometimes it can be the factor that guides you to the right life path.













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