List of all Major Astrological Events happening in the month of April.

April is a month that is full of many astrological events. Currently, the sign of Aries is in the spotlight, and after it will come Taurus to be in the spotlight. Aries is the zodiac sign which is ruled by the Element of Fire and is fiery and passionate. Taurus is the zodiac sign which is ruled by the Element of Earth and is calm but stubborn. Both of these energies will flirt around in April and can make us feel some kind of way. People around you might get emotional, angry, quiet, so don’t you get worried. It is the effect of these astrological happenings and events that occur in the sky. Even if there are people who do not believe in Astrology, should know that they’re a part and parcel of the Cosmos where stars and planets also exist. Any movement will cause a shift. It is not inherently negative or positive. It is just an effect that is showcased in Humans very evidently.

The chatty,communicative Mercury enters Aries on April 3

When Mercury will enter the sign of Aries, people of other zodiacs will suddenly find themselves being bold and courageous all of a sudden. Not a lot of patience will be found on mulling and contemplation. Rather, people will try to take quick decisions and be very direct in their speech. You can expect yourself and others to be a bit defensive at times of conflict and also pumped with a newfound enthusiasm to finish old projects.

New Moon in Aries

The New Moon in Aries will occur on 11 April which is a time to focus on what you want to achieve. The night is very dimly light around the time of the New Moon. The sign of the Ram will make this New Moon be exuding a lot of enthusiasm, energy, vigor, and determination. Your hesitation will turn into impetuousness without your knowledge and you’ll find yourself very spontaneous in your actions. Utilize this time for your advantage without comparing yourself with others.

The Sensual Venus will dazzle the atmosphere of your bedroom…

Venus will enter Taurus on April 14, almost at the brink of the fortnight. Venus relates to beauty, sex, ownership, possessiveness, seduction, etc. If you are a water sign, you will find yourself more down to Earth and will be able to take control of your insecurity if you feel so. Make sure that you don’t get overly possessive about your partner. The Taurus’ energy will stabilize you, ground, and realize that the outer beauty is just the reflection of your inner beauty.

Take care of yourself emotionally by April 23

The flirtations of the planet will go on in April. Be cautious on April 3 as Mars enters Cancer then. Mars is the planet that is all about action, power relationships, balance, animal nature, and instincts, etc. You’ve to make sure that you do not get too angry around this time. Cancers are very moody. This quality of the Cancer zodiac will surely manifest through the energy of Mars. Avoid family fights around this time. Do not be passive and withdrawn. Instead, include yourself in everything that you do and can do.

Write about your wishes, phone up your friends and tell them that you miss them around this time. They’ll very surprised. Just like moodiness, Cancers are also very capable of reassurance and loving nature. Try to bring this quality of theirs into your life to make the most of this astrological event!

You can expect yourself to be loony on this full moon…

Full Moon will occur on 26 April in Scorpio. The energy of Scorpio is intense. The Full Moon is the climax of the Lunar cycle. Release every bit of negative emotion, the sentiment that you may harbor with this Full Moon. Energies are very high. Hold no resentment against anyone as Scorpios tend to feed on it quite often.

The queue doesn’t stop here. Just after the Full Moon, Pluto will go into Retrograde on April 27. Pluto is considered the god of the underworld, symbolizing death, renewal, contemplation, and regeneration. At the end of April, try to look at different aspects of your life with a neutral eye. Take back your power and know that you’re the master and captain of your own life. It is not just all about this jazz it is the supreme truth. Pluto Retrograde will help you realize it.

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