Since we are all locked up in our houses for almost an entire year due to this deadly pandemic scare, we need some sort of festivity to lighten and brighten up our lives a little bit. Speaking of brightness and lights, we have the festival of Diwali around the corner to bring a little spark in our lives. This year has been devoted to the scores and precaution regarding the pandemic and I’m sure that none of us got a chance to go out with a free-spirited attitude and without the scare of catching the flu, so we have a chance to redeem our fun times with the upcoming festivity of Diwali. This festival of lights and joy is like a ray of hope for us as we will have the opportunity to finally enjoy a festival, well of course with your masks on. 


Living in India we sure have a lot of theories and traditions behind celebrating a particular festival and Diwali is definitely one of those festivities. Even though we might not be able to celebrate it with the usual jot and splendor due to the norms of social distancing, but we can always find our new ways to enjoy the festival with our minimal family and along with keeping the norma of social distancing in our minds. Speaking of Diwali, we have the day of celebrating Dhanteras which is one of the first days in the series of this five-day-long festival. Also known as Dhanatrayodashi, but for us millennials let us leave it on dhanteras as it’s easier to understand right? Well, this festival is majorly associated with buying gold as it is considered to be an auspicious step to buy gold or new utensils on the occasion of Dhanteras. 

As per what our ancestors have left us with, on this day, our Goddess Lakshmi came out of the Samudra Manthan, and We Indians also ought to give a lot of importance to Lord Kubera on this day. Dhanteras is all about wealth and prosperity and Lord Kubera signifies the lord of wealth and buying gold or any other utensil which involves investments is known to be auspicious on this day as it is believed that is increased the wealth quotient in your lives. We Indians consider it to be a customary practice to perform the Dhanteras Kuber Puja as it is said to call out the lord and pray him for our family's goodwill and prosperity. 


The entire ritual is marked by the initial cleaning of the house and then sitting with the family and lighting up a lamp or a simple tea light will help you recognize the ritual. Moreover, the entire family is assumed to sit together in order to worship goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera followed by offering devotional hymns and prayers to our lovely lords of wealth and prosperity. Furthermore, the lords are offered traditional sweets and fruits so as to mark the importance of this ritual and pray with all our hearts and souls. There are several myths and beliefs about what to buy and what not to buy during this festival and moreover, everything on this day has a special and deep-seated meaning to it no matter how common it may be. Let us discuss a few myths and options on what to buy on this occasion of Dhanteras.



Buying silver or brass utensils are considered to be quite auspicious and is related to the thought that it brings prosperity and wealth in one’s life. 

Buying a broomstick is also considered to be auspicious as it is said to demolish the scents of poverty in your household, so go buy that broomstick and get rid of that poverty-stricken life. 

Apart from gold and jewelry stuff, one can also buy some electronics on this day so as to mark the wealth-related significance of this day. 

One of the most auspicious out of all these is considered to be the buy of a Gold coin with an image of goddess Lakshmi on the same as this directly solves the wealth-related purpose of this festival.