Life through the Lens of a Cancerian

Life through the Lens of a Cancerian

Coming fourth in the realm of horoscopes, the Cancer zodiac belongs to the element of water. As they are a part of water, Cancers are generally individuals who go big on feelings, emotions, and imagination. Cancerians are usually submerged in their surroundings, having the ability to sense the emotional reality the world is composed of. They have an innate ability to read moods and are attuned to the waves of emotion. Born between the 20th of June and the 22nd of July, Cancers are signs that are considered to be one of the most intuitive among the other zodiacs. Cancer is ruled by the planet of the moon, and are people who deeply care and express their emotions. Represented by the symbol of the crab, Cancers are also known to be one of the most loyal beings. However, just like all other zodiacs, Cancers too has its fair share of negatives like being too moody and too sensitive. Let's observe these points in more detail! 


Positive Cancer traits: 

Loyal- As stated above, Cancers are people who are hardcore loyal to you. Although Cancers may find it a bit hard to open up in the beginning, once they know you are theirs, they will constantly have your back and always be there to protect you. However, to achieve this amount of loyalty, you must wait pretty long and win their trust the right way. They are considered to be one of the most devoted zodiacs and will go all out for the people they love. So, if you are special to a Cancer, you will know before they do! 



A Cancers intuition is almost always right. They tend to rely more on their intuition than their power of being rational or judgment. This is also because of their emotional charisma which translates to reading other people's moods and then making conclusions based on that. Cancers follow this to avoid getting deceived by people and with time have mastered this skill. They do this so well that it is almost as if they are psychics! Be careful around a Cancer, they can easily catch you being fake and catch you in a lie. 

Caring and Protective.

The emotional quotient in a Cancer is pretty high and they are not ashamed of it. Cancers go all out for the ones they love and are extremely caring. They will nurture you, feed you, offer a warm hug accompanied by hot chocolates and a nice long talk, to show you they care. Their loyalty and protective ways towards you only becomes an advantage to this point. However, they expect the same amount of attention, protection, love, and care from their partner. Watch out if you don't match their level, nothing good is in store for you, then. 


Negative Cancer traits: 


Too sensitive.

Cancers find it very hard to deal with a little bit of criticism or negativity due to their sensitive skins. If they hear anything slightly negative about them, be assured it's going to be on their mind for the rest of the day and maybe for a few days after as well. They forgive always but never forget. They feel safe within their shells and stepping out is a scary situation owing to their sensitivity issues. This can often cause a huge problem especially when it starts getting in the way of progress. 



Beware if you come neck to neck with a Cancer- they can be very vindictive at times. Cancers have an urge to get their way and anyone causing a harsh interference will be frowned down upon. If Cancer's fail to get their way through their selflessness and kindness, you know which path they are going to opt for, don't you? A Cancer's strong emotions can often translate to manipulation, domination, and them getting insecure. 



Being a water sign, Cancers are known to be very moody and sensitive. Their complexity of emotions that take a sudden turn from being joyfully happy to remorsefully sad and sulky, can quickly make a Cancer change their mood a hundred times. Cancers generally tend to crawl back to the comfort of their shells whenever they have a rough day. Being ruled by the moon, Cancer faces more and more emotional ups and downs daily. If Cancer's don't get what they desire, be ready to go down an emotional rollercoaster!