Life path number 6 – Characteristics, Personality & Love Life

Life path number is the number every person is destined to. It is the number obtained after breaking down the birth date. Life path number describes so much about a person’s personality, attitude, and qualities. Every number in numerology is considered to hold significant meaning and high value.  One such powerful number is 6. People with number 6 are born nurturers.  They are the most family people and the humblest of all the numbers.

How to find the life path number?

The date of birth of a person tells a lot about the person. Numerology with the help of the date of birth is used to find the life path number. The date of birth is reduced one single digit and that number is the destined path number.

Let’s take the birth date is August 6, 1998.

  • The month is 8
  • The date is 6
  • The year is 1998 is reduced to 1+9+9+8 = 27, then 2+7= 9
  • Then add the reduced month, date, year

8+6+9 = 23 this is reduced to 2+7 = 9

So the life path number is 9.

What is the personality of life path number 6?

People of number 6 are very affectionate and caring. They are people who love to serve the need and the poor and they thrive to serve humanity. They have a lot of empathy for those who need help.  They never say no to anyone or leave anyone on a hungry stomach. They are very generous and forgiving.

People tend to get along with this number as they are very approachable. Being so forgiving in nature, they are often taken granted and they get hurt. People of 6 do not make any enemies as they not many can stay angry at them for their mistakes. Giving them space is the only solution they can learn the mistakes they did.

Overpressure can be handled level with them as long as they are not deeply hurt.  They have very good family bonding and they make the best in-laws. The cool and swag mothers-in-law of today are of this number. They are humble at heart and they tend to adopt people, animals so easily and make them their own.  Once they get emotionally attached to anyone or anything, they protect them with all their heart.

This number is powerful for its love and affection. People of 6 try to spread love and peace as much as possible. They do not encourage or like violence. They fight for justice and will not hesitate to fight for their loved ones.  They make time and even go to extremes conditions to help others.

They make amazing parents. They will be more of a friend than parents for their children. They will teach them to be humble, to respect others and be grateful in life. They are warmhearted and charming.

It is very important for this number to think about itself at times. They are very creative and very enthusiastic about music. They have great potential as an artist of any kind as they have a very creative mind.

How is the love life of number 6?

People of this number are very sensitive when it comes to love. They take a huge impact on broken relationships and do not tend to fall in love again. They believe in mature and polish love. They are very family-oriented.  They think twice before getting into a bond but they make great bonds of friendships in a very short span of time.  Love life is something they are slightly scared of in the early stages of life. it is easy for them to get influenced by other people’s pain or some disputes of couples or anything related that would give them the idea of not risking love. 

Some people might get into relationships out of guilt or obligation from the past and sometimes they fall in love with people they help. There are many happy couples like that. Number 6 needs a very understanding partner and someone who doesn’t mistake their love for helping.  Their selfless and very caring and loving nature gives them a unique sense of pride and makes them very happy.

People of six make very dedicated and lovable partners. They use their creative head to impress their loved ones. They are also slightly romantic by birth. In case of family disputes or any form of disputes, they bring in the harmony and peace again. They make judgments in such a way they do not hurt anyone. Their love lives are very smooth filled with so much love to give.

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