Life path number 1 | The Most Determined

Life path number 1 | The Most Determined

Life path number is the number a person is destined to and it is part of the study numerology. Numerology is the study of numbers and their connections between the people and the vibrations of the number. Numerology is used since ancient times in various cultures.  That number is used to describe the personality of that person. Every number has unique characteristics and qualities. Life path numbers vary from 0-9 and have very significant and distinguished characters.  The life path number is calculated on the basis of the birth date of the person.

How to calculate the life path number?

The date of birth of a person tells a lot about the person. Numerology with the help of the date of birth is used to find the life path number. The date of birth is reduced one single digit and that number is the destined path number.


 Let’s take the birth date is August 6, 1998.

  • The month is 8
  • The date is 6
  • The year is 1998 is reduced to 1+9+9+8 = 27, then 2+7= 9
  • Then add the reduced month, date, year

8+6+9 = 23 this is reduced to 2+7 = 9

So the life path number is 9.

How are the people of life path number 1?

People of this number tend to be very determined and they are born hard workers. Just like the number, they lead the crowd. They are born leaders and motivators. They are very determined to reach their goals and do not stop until they have. They do not let anyone stand in their way and will not hesitate to leave people in order to reach their goals.

People of this number are not so gentle but very straight forward which might hurt many. But they are brutally honest and frank about life. They love challenges and they take up risks. They are selfish in many cases and they are born workaholics.  Being in the first position, this number is very independent and sometimes tends to be lonely.

They are very logical and practical in life. They do not think and make decisions with compassion instead make a decision only if they are benefitted by it. They like compliments and attention due to success.

 They have high insecurity feelings about losing or not achieving grandeur.  They are better suited to be the boss rather than follow a boss.  With a high egoistic mind, they do not do well in lower jobs. They are very boastful in nature and can easily hurt people.

People of this number are very responsible and dream driven. They love winning the race. They cannot tolerate any laziness and disorganized schedule. They are okay with routine life and enjoy leisure breaks from time to time. They are very good at multitasking and balancing life.

People of this number are very powerful and influential in life. With a goal-driven attitude, they can easily inspire and motivate others.

How is love life number 1?

Just like in work, a person of this number needs to be the one leading the relationship. They do not like to listen to decisions instead they make the decisions. These people may be rude and frank which can hurt their loved ones. They might not be very dedicated to love life as they are towards their work. 

Being materialistic people, they are not very creative and excited when it comes to love life. They believe in truth and forget to compliment or appreciate their love at times. This dominating attitude cannot be understood by all. They need very accepting and understanding partners.  Many people of this number tend to marry their childhood friends or cousins as it takes a lot of time to understand them and their ways of life. People who know them better can lead a peaceful married life. Else due to many ego issues, or misunderstandings and overruling of decisions can lead to breaking up.

Who is most compatible with number 1?

Number 1 can be most compatible with numbers 3, 5 and 6. People of number one can be very selfish and arrogant and they lack consideration and compassion. They need partners to help them taste life. They need partners who can understand the love behind their rude behavior and should have loads of patience. People of 3 and 5 can tolerate this behavior and they are free-spirited which can help the number one to have some fun in life.  Number 6 is the best match for number one as the complete each other traits. And with the help of number 6‘s generosity and humble nature, number 1 can have a peaceful life.