Life of a Capricorn

Life of a Capricorn

Date ranging from 22nd of December to the 19th of January, this sign belongs to the category of earth.

Grounded and focused, Capricorns are known best for their hard work and struggle which they know how to deal with efficiency and with full concentration. One determined Capricorn can actually shake everything around them and create a name for themselves. They don’t like to be soft and lenient when it comes to their life and their decisions but to remain true to their inner self is their main goal.

Capricorn and the Goat

The 10th sign of this zodiac realm is also the last earth sign which is represented by a sea-goat, known to be mystical this has a body of a goat and the tail of a fish. This creature and navigate its paths through both land water which also symbolizes the flexibility of a Capricorn that can deal with both materialistic and non-materialistic things in the world. It has a different tie with both the emotional and physical aspects of life. Known how to balance and still have sharp focus is known to be one of the major skills of this sign. One thing they should always take note of is that not all emotions and phases of life have to be on the resume you have been building up since the start. The sea goat has unwavering attention and focus can also be perceived as someone who is always cold and unbothered by that’s not the case here. Other stages of life are as important as any project you take up because working for something should be on the cost of your life and mental peace.

Capricorn and its ruling planet Saturn

Saturn is known to be the strictest of all. The precision and struggles are the key teachings of this planet. Capricorns are ruled by this huge, strict planet. The ruling by this planet means that the energy that a particular planet possesses and the traits it shows are mirrored on to the zodiacs that fall under them. This particular planet is no stranger to difficult paths and so it teaches its students to never feel sorry that they didn’t get the easiest path around. When you have endured so much struggle and pain at your early stages of life you turn out to be more mature and civil when you grow up. Those tough lessons might not look good at present but they are proven to be the best teachings all around. With the guidance of Saturn, the earth sign is known to be exposed to hardships at their early stage.

Capricorn and Their tarot card reading:

Capricorn is represented by the devil card in the pack of tarot card readings. These signs are known to reverse age. That means they are done with enduring so many hardships in their early stage that they turn out to be youthful, happy, and lively when they mature. Everyone knows behind this strict and introvert nature like a fun-loving, social Capricorn who is somehow a trouble maker in the process. This card represented the constant need of getting on the top and gaining validation somehow creates their own hell in some way or the other and getting trapped into their own fiery place. The know-how to fight their own demons but being constantly attracted into trouble and the tough spot is written in this card.

Capricorn and their work-life

A Capricorn gets full marks when it comes to making money. These highly ambitious zodiac signs aim for greater opportunities that lead to good money thus making them financially stable all the time. They only spend on quality things and believe that when it’s not necessary and they can still survive they will let go of that until the situation actually calls for immediate action. A qualitative and quantitative approach is followed by this goat who believes that perseverance is the only key to make a living. They don’t like to waste their time and wait for opportunities instead they’ll work for extra shifts and give more than what they have.

Capricorn and their Relationships

Capricorns love to love when it comes to being in a relationship they are known to create long-lasting relationships but first, you need to crack their hard outer and actually know what they are as a person and as a lover. They know how to build walls around them and will wait for that one person to actually break open the door and drag them out of their mundane, work-centric a life that has grown in between those four walls. They have a negative aspect though; their value for money often spoils the interest of their partners if by chance they find someone who spends recklessly. Their evaluation spoils everything around them.

Capricorn and their travel desires

They just like to overdo their vacation to the fullest. One cannot imagine that a loaf of bread and some roadside chai will actually suffice a high end Capricorn. They might enjoy it when they are on a short trip but for a real vacation, they like an organized trip to something luxurious and flattery lodge doing justice to their expenses. Just a laptop and good wifi connectivity can keep a Capricorn a happy go lucky person on a trip. A houseboat on a beautiful lake or a beach facing view can also impress a Capricorn as long as they are let to do whatever they like.

Capricorn and their luck

If seen astrologically, Capricorns are drawn towards anything that keeps their mind and soul in one place and doesn’t let it wander as it slows down their capacity to work more. Garnet, Blue Sapphire, and their crystalline behavior and amazing color of brings in the concentration and determination that a focused and work-oriented Capricorn needs in life. This stone is lucky because it pulls the sign out from the darkness and sheds light on brighter aspects of their life.