They are the most effective when together. Without one another, their life is sort of a puzzle with a bit missing. All their relations start with friendship.

They need their intricacies but still can lead a standard life together. The relation between a Cancer and Libra is held by one string - trust. Cancer being the doubtful one Libra always makes them feel guilty at the tiniest glimpse of a possible lie.

Their relation gets tedious if Libra tries to be quite stringent which makes Cancer preserve their privacy. Cancer shares the foremost balanced relation with Libra.

Cancer is that the one who brings colour to the relation and Libra is the one who builds the structure of the relation. Cancer is blindly smitten while Libra will always attempt to be utilitarian about everything.


When it is about a cancer guy and a Libra woman, they are individuals who want the same thing. They both prefer the traditional life with not many adventures and wildness in it, actually none.

For this combination, adventure is being with each other forever. For them, the perfect relationship is the one which has a life long commitment to it. None of them will fall in love that easily nor is that something in their bucket list.

A Cancer man is dedicated and Libra women are persistent, qualities that they love in each other a lot. A Cancer man is very proud of a Libra woman's hard-work and helps her relax at the end of the day so that she can enjoy the fruits of her labours.

They will be the couple who shares the household duties with each other like doing the dishes alternately looking after the kid at midnight.


They share a unique and special bond as she belongs to the earth element and he belongs to the air element. Everything they share is magical.

They'll be the power couple in the society whom everyone looks up to. They don't get off with people easily and gel only with people they see fit their idea of friendship.

They are selective extroverts and gel only with people they see fit their idea of friendship.


Working alongside each other is like getting an answer to a prayer. They are the most earnest, hard-working people who also love to help others. They will always try to do their best to make your journey a smooth one in every field.

If you give the Cancer man ample time and clear instructions, they'll turn into a stellar performance. The dilemma arises due to their habit of being extremely stressed about everything.

The less pressure you put on a Cancer man, the better they can perform. Together, they could run a holistic therapy centre, organic catering business, or produce market.


They are a match made in heaven. Libra women with its cheerfulness determination and confidence when gets mixed with Cancer men's practicality and systematic approach to everything in life make them move easily in every walks of life.

Their need to be perfect and constantly improve their skills leads them to have a diligent and consistent relationship with each other. Their relations and thoughts are always uncomplicated and keep a direct way of the approach in every matter.

Exotic details that are exhausting and unnecessary nuances is the only thing that can upset a Libra, surprisingly it's the same with Cancer as well, so they are a couple who can understand each other without even speaking out.

They'll always be like magnets who move together, thinks together and feel the same way as well. There will be hurdles that are hard to cross, in their path but their level of understanding and strong relationship lets them cross every hurdle they face easily and look back onto their journey proudly.

The frank and loving conversation between a cancer man and Libra woman can do wonders to their relationship. They are like parts that have been manufactured together but delivered separately so that they can come up to each other one day fill the other empty part in themselves by being with the others.

They will have a peaceful life until their aspirations don't come in the way of the other. After all, no matter how perfect they are for each other sometimes he may get carried away by his emotions and create annoyance to his practical Libra lady, which can be annoying at times and lead to outbursts.