Libra Marriage Horoscope 2020

Libra Marriage Horoscope 2020

2020 is a smooth ride as per the libra 2020 marriage horoscope.

Good news for all the couples, 2020 is the good year for their marriage. There is a piece of good news for singles too, as this year they might find their soulmate.


Libras are said to be ruled by planet Venus, and that affects all the aspects of your life like career, money, and marriage. You even have certain traits of the planet and use these attributes to lead a happy and peaceful life. Marriage Horoscope 2020 suggests Libras are going to have a good year.

You like to live life, king size, and maintain the perfect balance between your personal and professional lives. Libras are romantics and can easily attract anyone. You are the kind of person who will go to any length to prove your love to someone.

Marriage to a Libra can prove to be very rewarding, as you put in a lot of effort in their presence and personality to maintain your charisma. You are quite sensitive which makes you all the more attractive.

The movement of Rahu into the Ninth House and the influence it exerts on the fifth house may cause some troubles in Libra’s married life. This may be the reason for the arguments in the marriage till September 2020.

There is the prediction of some hurdles in the marriage which will lead to some obstacles in the perfect life of Libra. Libra might engage in some arguments over the smallest reasons, you might react without thinking about the feelings of their partner.

It is advised to try keeping calm, and only then react to avoid hurting the feelings of your partner. If you don’t take the situation in control, you might end up losing your marriage altogether. These fights could be the reason for a lot of sourness in relation, so it’s best to avoid them.

There is a movement of the planet Venus which is deemed as the love planet into the seventh house of Libra as March begins and is supposed to stay there till the end of the month. This month will be the best period for your marriage.

Everything will be great in your marriage; your partner will look at things from your perspective and understand you better. You will be able to step in the shoes of your partner and understand their point of view.

All in all, this month will be full of happiness for your marriage. If you are not married but are in a relationship your partner will finally offer their commitment to you which may even turn into marriage soon. So things are looking really good for all the Libras during the month of March.

The singles out there should consider all the marriage proposals they get during this period, as there is a high chance you will be able to find your soul mate. There are good chances of both loves as well as arranged marriages happening during this period. You finally can have your “Happily ever after”.

A very important aspect of marriage is family planning. Couples need to consider many factors before deciding on whether they should start a family or not. The Libra couples who have been thinking of starting their own family should try after September as there is a movement of Rahu on the fifth house.

This transit will prove to be really positive for the couples, this is a great time to spend some quality time with your partner and you will be blessed with a cute baby too. You should start getting prepared for his new phase of life as it can be really exhausting.

Here some important dates as per the Marriage Horoscope 2020 for Libras:-

10th January, 2020 – 3rd February 2020:

There will be a movement of Venus into the fifth house, which is said to rule relationships. This transit will be very fruitful for your marriage. Libra Marriage Horoscope 2020 suggests this is a great time for singles as well; there are huge chances that you will be able to meet your life partner. Your partner will take care of you and adore you for all your life. This relationship can turn into something serious soon, maybe even marriage. In conclusion, this is a great time for relationships for all Libras.

16th January 2020 – 13th February 2020:

This period sees a movement of Sun into the fourth house of Libra; this will cause some conflicts at home, or family. There will be distress at home, the family environment won’t be harmonious but don’t lose your patience and things will start to look good soon.

23rd March 2020 – 4th May 2020:

There is a movement of Saturn which is in command of the fifth house of relationship and Mars which rules over the seventh house of Marriage will be together in the fourth house of a mother which means that your mother will be the best person to confide in right now. If you have been thinking to tell your mother about your relationship, now is the best time as she will give consent to your relation which may turn into marriage soon then.

29th March 2020 – 1st August 2020:

The sexual aspect of marriage will be very prevalent during this time. You and your partner will indulge in physical pleasure. However, it is advised to keep this urge under control as too much of an urge may lead to treading into unchartered territory.

25th May 2020 – 2nd August 2020:

This time period brings good news for all the divorced Libras, you will be able to find someone to settle down with again. This period is perfect to do so as there is the movement of Mercury into the 9th house which is said to govern remarriage. So this is your opportunity at a second chance.

14th April 2020 – 14th May 2020:

There is the movement of Sun into the seventh house which will bring in a lot of rage in the marriage, so be careful. There will be many arguments, so try keeping calm and understanding your partner better. It is only through effective communication and understanding that you can move past this period.

All in all 2020 looks like a a really good year for Libras in terms of marriage, there are a few ups and downs, but it’s a smooth ride.