Libra horoscope for 2020

Libra horoscope for 2020

As a year comes to end, & calendar marks 31st December & clock strikes 12:00 midnight the celebration begins for welcoming the new year.

From wishes, thanking notes, gifts to joy and happiness can be seen everywhere & in everyone’s faces.

But same time, there begins that what this year will bring. Will it be an auspicious & good one or challenging & tough life the past one.

And at the same time, what can be observed, is that everyone seems to be full of life, hope & is ready to welcome new year & new things.

Astrology can predict a lot about what a year can bring in one’s life as per the zodiac & planetary position in individuals chart.
Similarly is for Libra people. So let’s see, & reveal what the year 2020 will bring to the table for Librans.

The year 2020 for Libra an overview:-

This year 2020 is going to be very good for Libra individuals. Any auspicious work will be performed in the family. This year you will spend a lot of time traveling.

Good fortune & festive opportunities will come to you this year & also these are high chances of getting foreign travel opportunities.

With the influence of Jupiter, you may get to hear any good news from the children’s side or you may also get the chance to welcome baby, also a member of your family.

Jupiter transformation can also bring luck & profit to you. But in April month, mercury in Aries can create financial problems for you.

Maybe due to lack of money, your projects & work also get pending. But with the help & advice of your family & friends, you will be able to bring your career back on the track.

With the help of Rahu, Ketu in September will bring golden opportunity provided you can grab it.

But after a few days, Jupiter’s change in position will bring obstacles in your career & the last quarter of year cannot be said good & very encouraging in terms of career.

This year your creativity & positive thinking will bring good & increase your position in life and you will also get awarded for that.

This year your knowledge & skill will also be increased. But you should also keep an eye on your health also as health-related issues may arise.

This year can also be very colorful and happening for love, as with your calm & charming attitude you will be able to attract a lot of people, but it’s suggested to focus on making loved ones on time.

Libra love horoscope for 2020:-

This year will be highly satisfying for Libra in love. You will be able to open & tell your love story to friends & family, & will get married to your loved one also.

This year also all the problems in your love life will get solved. This year will bring growth & success in your love life and all your marital issues will also get solved.

Time also seems fruitful for married people. You will enjoy time with your spouse & can plan to hang out with your love interest. Your wishes & aspirations will also be fulfilled. 

Libra Career and business horoscope for 2020:-

This year Libra individuals will get your desired job & choose your desired career pathway.

This year you will get chances of getting a new job & those working in offices will be highly satisfied with their work. And for the personalities of sports world, this time will be really good .

For business-man especially those involved in IT production, medical and chemical food business, this year will be highly beneficial for those.

Those who want to start a new business venture this year will also prove a good one for them.

Libra Family horoscope for 2020:-

This year will be mixed for family matters. However, you will get support from your family. You can also go on a pilgrimage with family & will prove successful for family & you also.

Also, the increase in new family members can also be seen. But, with the effect of Saturn few expectations of family members may not get fulfilled. Which lead to dispute & tension in the family.

Libra Health horoscope for 2020:-

There may be some health-related problems this year 2020 can’t be said well in case of your health and body.

There are chances that your health can get deteriorate during a trip. Also there may be mental tension & stress due to any economic issue or due to an opponent or even family conditions.

Libra Financial horoscope for 2020:-

Due to the transit of Jupiter in the house of money, your income will increase and as a result, you will also be able to save money for your better future.

There are high chances that you can gain money through a will, or you can get money suddenly from some unexpected place.

Gains from paternal property and wealth are also predicted this year.


All and all this year will be a good one and will prove highly beneficial for Libra individuals. Just focus on the opportunities coming to way and don’t miss the chance to grab them.

Also, focus more on saving money than unnecessarily spending it. And keep a keen eye on your health especially and family-related issues.