Libra Horoscope 2020

Since the beginning of time, people have had an uncanny belief on the positioning of celestial objects to attain certain future predictions and even get answers to the occurring in an individual’s life. One such reading is the reading of the stars and how they stand in the night sky to form constellations. These constellations when figuratively translated gives birth to Zodiacs. Zodiacs or reading the sun-signs have helped people to categorize many dilemmas of a person’s life, how their personality changes, acts and reacts in certain situations. The planet that passes through the constellation in that particular course of time also helps astrologers understand assertive premonitions. The prediction could be read for the whole year starting from day one of the years by understanding the marking and placement of all the celestial objects.



 Libra is the seventh astrological sun-sign in the Zodiac list where the sun transits the Zodiac dimension from October 31st  to November 22 that is why it is also known as the autumnal equinox and it descends at the beginning of the Autumn season. The symbol signifying this sun-sign is a Balance scale. The mythological account says that these scales are the scales of justice which was held by the great Themis who was the Greek God of Divine Law and Custom. The planet allocated to Libra is Venus and a unique factor about Libra is that it is the only sun-sign that is represented by a lifeless, inanimate figured constellation.



Astrologers have already read the position of the stars at the beginning of the year 2020 and strategically formulated the horoscope for Libra 2020 by studying the position of the stars. This year Libra calls to have a thick skin because of the full moon lunar eclipse on January 10th your personal relationship will gain the limelight of public eyes. There is a possibility of envy among haters and people born under the sun-sign have to make sure that it doesn’t fall prey to any miscommunication that can hamper the comfort and stability you gained in the relationship in the previous year.


When it comes to business the horoscope advises taking the risk in and try brand new operations in the workspace because of the position of Saturn which conjuncts with Pluto. Though you would want to separate the personal and professional life the horoscope speaks that the stability with your significant other can help you from straying away from the personal problems and this in return can help in expanding in the professional life. At the beginning of February Jupiter will be your lucky planet and positioning of Neptune in the horoscope will bring money affluence and prosperity. Both your professional and personal life will gain major opportunities that can help you reach greater heights. And socially the relationship you acquire success in work-life through the influence.


With the influence of Venus covering the Constellation of Libra the horoscope predicts a high chance of abundance in beauty and fun but you might have worked hard to achieve that. During this time you might also feel very keen towards independence in personal life asking for your own space and also in professional life might ask for an implementation of independent opinion in work projects.


In September the horoscope for Libra will change with the influence of Mars over the constellation the sun-sign might seem a little hopelessly romantic in their personal life expecting and asking effort from their partner. They might want cute gifts or romantic date nights to feel the spark again.


November Libra will be the time for Venus in the horoscope this can denote a blessing of affection in personal life and financial blessing in professional life. December will be a time of Jupiter’s influence which can bring great events with life-changing opportunities in professional life.