Let's reveal how your partner feel about you, with a Relationship Analysis Tarot Reading.

Let's reveal how your partner feel about you, with a Relationship Analysis Tarot Reading.

You may feel conflicted at the moment and are perhaps thinking what your special someone feels about you. Even the best of people are prone to feel insecure at times. Feeling jealous is only human. For many people, the prospect of falling is love is very stressful and anxious. They spend days and months thinking about what people think about them. Often, more than not, people do not matter to you all that matter is what the special person that resides in your mind thinks about you.

Tarot has the solution to every problem. Using Tarot reading to find the answer of this question is very common. Lots of people feel envious or they keep on wondering what their partner is thinking. It doesn’t always mean that they are curious about what their partner think about them.

If you are looking out for the answer of question “What do my partner think about me?”  Tarot can answer you. Read this guide to find the answer to this question and more.

What questions can Tarot Answer?

There are many mysteries you can request the tarot cards to get a relevant and true answer. Getting assured the mystery is precise and spiritual, but not so particular that the answer is obscure, will help to find the answer to your question to the point.

There are some questions that can keep your reading to the point and not confuse the cards. Keep the questions short and clear so that the tarot answers them easily. For someone who practices polyamouryit is good is they say the name of the person they seek answers for. Your motto while asking the questions must be to be exact and Tarot will give you your answers.

For example ask questions like

Does (name of the partner) like me?

Does (name of the partner) giving equal share in the relationship as me?

If I and (name of the partner) were to take the next step in the relationship, would it be successful?

Does (name of the partner) have a positive or negative view of me?

Significant Cards and Combinations that answer your questions

Card#1.Ace of Cups

This is used to represent the potential in a relationship to be warm. This card shows the kindness that is present in the relationship. If this card is shown in the reading this means that there is an excitement coming into your life. Your partner can be the source of the best time in your life.  Mixed with the Ace of swords, this card can show that your partner sees your relationship as reasonable and lively.

Card #2 Ace of Swords

If this card is present in your reading it manifests communication. It outlines a rational judgment, which suggests that your partner fancies you back. If this card is present along with the ace of cups, the card shows a genuine, long-lasting bond.

Card#3 Eight of Cups

Unfortunately, if you manifest this card in your reading it reveals a loss of depth on your side. This means that your partner understands you thoroughly. Your partner thinks that you will walk away when things get hard in your life. If this card is paired with "five of cups", it tells that your partner requires you to receive to understand you and thinks that the relationship could work if you don’t give up.

Card #4 King of Cups

If you manifest this card in your tarot reading this signifies that your partner loves you more than you think they do. They like you and they know you like them too, but they refrain from telling their true feelings to you.  This card in an inverted position tells that you have an unresolved conflict with someone your partner values a lot as a person. This conflict is bugging your partner and they are too not talking to you about it.

 End Notes about the tarot card for expectations from partner

In conclusion, the question of "What does your partner think of you?" a tarot reading can be moderately easy and whilst virtually every card in the deck tells something about your partner's emotions, the entireties listed are most generally related with the thoughtfulness of another soul.