Let's find out - What's Your Favorite Starbucks Summer Drink, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Let's find out - What's Your Favorite Starbucks Summer Drink, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Astrology is a divinatory art that deals with the position and alignments of all the different astronomical entities that include but are not limited to the sun, moon, all the different planets. All the astrological signs that come under the zodiac system are nothing but divisions of the earth’s orbital path around the sun. There are a total of 12 such divisions, each of which represents 30 degrees out of the total 360 degrees that the earth sweeps in its path.

Each of these divisions or segments is named after a constellation that consists of the same segment. All these segments or as we call them, astrological signs, are therefore very different as compared to each other due to the different segments and constellations that they belong to. 

Unlike other divinatory arts and practices, astrology is vast enough to tell much more about a particular person as compared to what the other practices tell. This is the reason why astrology stands out when it comes to all the divinatory arts that are there. 

Trust us, the amount of insights that one can draw out from astrology is much more than what people are aware of. Trust us when we say, we can even find out what your favorite drink from Starbucks could be as per your zodiac sign and traits.

We will try to find out, what is your favorite Starbucks summer drink, based on your zodiac sign and details.



Being the first astrological sign in the zodiac system, you are known to lead out the way wherever you go. You are one of the most outgoing and social people out there.

Therefore the drink from Starbucks that would match your personality the most would be the Pink Drink. A Pink drink is a strawberry milkshake that would resonate with the kind of person you are.



You’re second when it comes to all the zodiac signs out there in the astrological system.

Planet Venus is what governs your well-being and prosperity, with the kind of personality that you have, a bland, simple-looking drink is not something that would quench your thirst. We’d recommend you to go for an Iced Latte at Starbucks! 


Geminians are known to be people that are extremely confident and adventurous. You are always on the move with nothing in the world having the potential to stop you from doing what you want to do. This much resoluteness calls in for an expresso. Iced or warm is something that would depend on your mood.



You are known to be extremely caring and down-to-earth. Family is something that comes first to you, and everything else follows up after it. You genuinely care for others irrespective of how they are to you, and you want to make the world a better place, so you are never hesitant or reluctant when it comes to helping others out.

You are not someone who would need caffeine in your system to fuel you, you fuel yourself, hence we’d recommend you a tea, Iced mint tea to be precise.



You are a born leader. Period.

People find you to be very charismatic, cheerful, and a person who’s always full of energy. You are straightforward to everyone, you do not hold back when it comes to speaking what your mind says. A sharp, straightforward personality like yours, deserves something unique! To keep up with your energy levels, we are recommending a caffeinated drink to you. You should go for a latte. Whatever type you like but a latte for sure. 



Well well, look whom do we have here. The perfectionist! You cannot deny the fact that you like things in their perfect condition, you even do things with perfection, and that is what makes you a perfectionist! For you, the best drink would be a Macchiato for sure.



You’re as peaceful as a silent breeze on a calm day. You tend to distance yourself from all the chaos that happens in the world. You’re someone to whom mental peace matters a lot. Therefore we’ll recommend a smooth drink to you to match your personality. Go for the Signature Expresso whenever you hit Starbucks next.



Stubborn as you are dear Scorpio, you are known to keep others first and yourself second. This self-sacrificing nature of your requires toasts like that of the old days. We’d recommend a latte shot to you!



Dear Sag, when it comes to the passion that people share for things, you’d lead out the race for the most passionate people. To meet this and your other personality traits, we’d suggest you go for a lemon tea!



With the planets Uranus and Saturn governing you, you are always moving on to the path of wisdom! You are someone who has no limits when it comes to learning, the amount of work that you put in is an example of this. To raise the energy levels that you drop during those working sessions, we’d recommend you a strong caramel macchiato. 



Well well, who do we have here again? You are the wisest of them all! All you want to do is to set your path without even caring if people are accompanying you on that path or not. This is what sets you apart, dear Aquarius. And thus we will recommend you a cappuccino. 



Last but not the least, here you come dear Pisces. With water as your symbol, you are extremely creative with whatever work you do. You are caring and emotional as well. Kindness is what fuels you so caffeine is not what you’re looking for. You should go for a chocolate chip Frappuccino to drink something that matches your energy levels.

There you have it, we just used your astrological details to suggest Starbucks summer drinks that could vibe with the kind of personality that you have. With astrology, anything is possible.