There comes a point in everyone’s relationship that their love life becomes stale. It is the same old routine and the same old things the both of you do, that is your partner and you. You have no idea how to get over this phase if it is a phase and you wish that things went back to the first time the both of you met or when the both of you were in your honeymoon phase. The inclusiveness, the spontaneity of the whole situation, being free and just being yourselves without being shackled down by responsibilities. All in all, it just as though your partner and you keep fighting and snapping at each other over the smallest of things because the both of you are frustrated and have no idea how to bridge the void or gap that has risen in your relationship and that is exactly where Astrology steps in. Vedic Astrology has an array of solutions for every problem that you have and it will resolve the issue as well as guide you through it.

The Vedic remedies that will liven up your love life is:

First and foremost, consult a trusted and a well known astrologer to calculate and analyse your janam kundali to see if you have doshas in your kundali.

It is also said that lovers should come together and meet each other on a full moon day as it strengthens their bond and mainly because Moon represents the emotional bond between the individuals.

You should also go into a Shiva temple and perform Rudra Abhishek with honey in order to strengthen your bond.

Improve your relationship with the females in your life as the planet Venus while it represents love as well, it also represents the females in your love and by improving and bettering your relationship with them, you are also strengthening the power of Venus in your life.

The fifth house in your janam kundali or horoscope represents the love in your life and you should also consult the astrologer and get it checked if there is any malefic planets that are present in the fifth house of your janam kundali.

By chanting and reciting the Vedic mantra in a high frequency helps you understand your partner better and also improves your love life drastically.

You should also worship the goddess Parvati and this is because it is believed that she can bring success in your love life and can even take it to the next stage.

It is also believed and said that you should fast on Solah somvars because it had the power to get the right choice of partner and husband you desire (applicable only if you are a girl).

You should also invest in diamond jewellery or even opal jewellery as it helps to increase the attraction between your partner and you as well as attract the person you desire and love.

You should also offer prayers to the Durga Mata and offer a red shawl to her as this is a guaranteed remedy that will get you the love of your life or even strengthen the love between your partner and you.

You should also invest in a Rudraksh, to be more specific a Gauri Shankar Rudraksh because it is believed that that will not only get the love of your life closer to you and it will also make that a person fall in love with you. There are many other benefits of the Rudraksh as well.

You should also take a paan leaf, write the name of the person you love and dip it in honey. It is said and believed to have to bring you and the person you love closet.

Whenever you are gifting something to the person you love or desire, never ever gift something that is pointed and sharp, or is even black in colour because it is considered to be inauspicious and brings bad luck. These remedies are to bring your partner and you closer or even the person who you desire and love. And if these do not work as well, then it is best that you consult an expert astrologer, to know what exactly is the problem.