Let the stars read your future in 2021

Let the stars read your future in 2021

All the signs in that are part of the zodiacs will have a great year in 2021. Throughout the year each sign will experience happiness and many challenges. Planetary positions may bring difficulties upon some signs; the impact could be seen in the form of natural disasters, family and lifestyle issues etc.

Signs that will have a positive year in 2021


This year will begin with an adventure and the will to explore for you. The beginning is supposed to make you feel empowered and confident in yourself. Connecting with the old and young is a piece of cake for you, and this year you will be quite open-minded as well. Astrology encourages you to buy new things for your home in 2021. Your career will experience a surge of growth and your financial situation will remain stable.


At the start of 2021 you will find yourself seeking help from other people which may be beneficial or challenging. When the planet Venus moves into Sagittarius at the start of the year, you are encouraged to connect with people. Collaboration with other people might benefit you very much in the future if you take care of the relationship made. This year is very favourable for people who work in the fashion industry as their designs or clothing will flourish.


As 2021 begins you will be at your innovative best and earn a great income.  When you tap into your intuition great things will occur. Due to the impact of Venus on Sagittarius, you will be able to distinguish between your personal and professional life. Do not make any financial investments and keep your money close to prevent any loss.


You will jump into his new year with great success and opportunities since Venus moves into Sagittarius for you. Money wise you may start off low, but you will eventually earn loads of profits. Fame might also find its way towards you this year. Leos with an artistic inclination will have a good year. You will look for purpose and growth to help benefit you later on. A focus on health is a priority to be considered in 2021.

Signs that will face the most challenges this year


2021 begins with success and luck on your side. Mercury is in Capricorn this year so you might have a bit of havoc during the middle of the year; however try and look on the bright side. Try and meditate whenever you have some free time since it will help you relax. Nonetheless all projects that need to be completed will surely be done. Profession-wise things will pick up fro you during the start of the year, so try and maintain the same.


You will be at your creative best during the year professionally and monetarily as well. Travel expenses might take place, but due to Venus being in Sagittarius, having a cash flow is a good sign. Trying to save money will be a challenge, but try to store some away for future use. Make sure to check upon your wellbeing because during the start of the year you might get lazy and all the motivation may get drained out of your body. It will take some time to get the motivation back, but switching to old habits is a good start.


Venus will move into Sagittarius at the start of the year you will try to take up opportunities to help enrich your mind. Although you will generate some financial expenses it is alright since you do not have a restraint money-wise. Work is a dominant activity during this year so try not to laze around and start being productive.  The start of the month also brings you auspicious occasions like marriage so you will be kept busy. Keeping up with spiritual activities will help you stay on top and calm your mind and soul. With Mars moving into Taurus new relationships and job opportunities will present themselves. The benefits will last way past March, but long-lasting couples may face some difficulties.

While Astrology speaks the future of each sign, some things may be uncontrollable or may not be true. Astrology is only to help you see what lies ahead for you, and thus helps prepare you for what is to come.