Let numbers guide your life- Play with Numerology

Let numbers guide your life- Play with Numerology

We have been reading numbers from the very moment we came on this earth. The child is born and the doctor assigns a number to make sure the kid doesn't get mixed up. Growing up, whatever stream we chose, the match was all around us. As we grew up, match grew up with us and became giant like economics, physics even advance Mathematics. 

so if you are surrounded by these numbers, sure they must be affecting you and your life path in some way or another. Imagine going to an interview, and the first candidate comes out after giving his interview, you are tempted to ask some questions to him about how the interview went. He is the "first" candidate and that's why you thought about asking him. Thus, numbers played with your life path.

What is numerology?

This connection of your life path with the numbers in the world of astrology is Numerology. Etymologically speaking, the word is Numerology made from two different words, numero meaning numbers, and logos meaning science.

Numerology is a branch of the divine arts along with astrology, which deals with stars that helps you with predicting your future. Comparing both, as astrology keep s the planets and cosmos in high regard, Numerology talks about the life purpose and draws insights about the life of a person by the art of maths.

Numerology is often used with astrology to guide the cosmic path and make it more specific for the life of its seeker. Numerology often describes how old you are, specifically how old your spirit is rather than the channel of the soul- the body.

Don't worry, you don't need to be an expert in the field of mathematics in order to derive insights into your future with help of numbers. The numbers are just an added nuance to the art of Numerology. It deals with numbers, not with calculations!

All you need is your basic stationery like your pen, a notepad maybe a calculator if you are not too comfortable with basic maths and viola! you are ready to go. 

Perceive your life path number

Life path number is like the zodiac sign in astrology. In numerology, it can be the genesis of everything you need to know. Numerology, like astrology, gives a huge value to the date you were born. The date you were born could be the key to finding your root number or the life path number.

 Finding your root number is very easy for numerology practices, grab the nearest paper you can find and follow the steps. Firstly write your date of birth on a piece of paper. Suppose your date of birth is May-16-1999

the first step according to numerology is to reduce each part of your birthdate into a single digit.

so 16 becomes 1+6=7

similarly, the month 05 is 0+5=5

and the year 1999 becomes 1+9+9+9=28

finally, add the numbers you obtain 

in our example, this becomes (7+5+28)=40

If you get a two-digit number add the individual digits 

we get 4 is the root number in our example.

one important thing to note is that if you get your sum to be 11 or 22 do not add them up, these are called master numbers. According to numerology, these numbers promote a large amount of success and monetary benefits. This fact comes with a catch. These numbers also mean that the bearer won't be in a great environment while gaining his/her success. 

Finding the root number may seem intimidating at first, but if done on pen and paper with a calculator it's very easy. Finding the life path number will tell you a lot about your subconscious mind with numerology. So try finding it out.

Name to number- the numerology Destiny method

The letter is of great importance in numerology too. In numerology, each letter of the roman writing system is given a number. Write your full name on a piece of paper and match its alphabets with the number for it. The list of numerology destiny alphabets is as follows. 1(A,J,S),2(B,K,T),3(C,L,U),4(D,M,V),5(E,N,W),6(F,O,X),7(G,P,Y),8(H,Q,Z),9(IR).

it's better if you use a pen and paper for this method. If you are in a dark about your middle name, don't worry, write your first and last name to calculate the destiny number.