Leo’s Love Horoscope 2020

Leo’s Love Horoscope 2020

Are you a Leo? Are you wondering what will happen to your love life this year? Will you meet someone new? Or an old acquaintance will perhaps ignite? We have all the answers to your questions. Read on for a better understanding of what 2020 will bring to you.

Your love life is influenced by the movement of the stars, planets, and the sun. Your personality and your birth chart play an important role as well. Some of these predictions might not apply to you, but that does not mean they are irrelevant. Astrology is extremely important to heal your past wounds, and ensure that you have a safe future. Using the advice of an astrologist you can make day-to-day changes in your lifestyle, which will help you in the long run.

Leo Traits

A Leo is represented by the lion and ruled by the sun. They have been considered as the Kings and Queens of the jungle, because of their naturally acquired leadership skills. They love luxury and have the habit of being the center of attraction. Leo is extremely responsible. They are strong and have a sense of duty towards those around them. They are very loyal and extremely dependable.

They are also known for their compassion and kindness. Every action they do, everything they say, is well crafted to fit into royalty. Leo is always at the center of attention, no matter what. They also have a huge ego and a lucrative side, which comes out only in front of those who offend them or show disrespect. Leos might also be considered vain for they are utterly self-obsessed. But they have a kind heart and a confident personality which makes up for it.

What 2020 Holds For You?

Congratulations Leo! For the stars this year are in your favor. They indicate an auspicious year for love and relationships. There are going to be a number of challenges that you will have to face in order to conquer your love, but after that, it is all peaceful and beautiful. Throughout the journey, you must remember that your partner’s feelings are important too, and what they want is as essential as your needs.

Keep the bigger picture in mind, and ensure that you control your anger. The starting of the year will be full of love and compassion due to the presence of the Moon in the 7th house. This could result in the fluctuations of the unmarried lives, and some of you might tie the knot later this year. If you are wishing to ask someone out, the most appropriate time would be when Venus will enter Gemini, which is from April 4 till June 13. You might have to work hard for it, but they will definitely be worth the effort. Make sure that your communication is great and your pickup game is strong. Sex will be the first thing on your mind as you leave April.


If you are currently in a relationship or are married, the year will bring about some difficulties for you. Due to Saturn’s retrogression, the second week of May might bring problems to you and your partner. Health concerns will arise, and your anxiety will be unmeasurable. However, this shall pass as soon as the planet moves on. Fear not, Leo. Your companion will be safe. Be sure to protect yourself, too.


You can expect these difficulties to pass away in September, and your relationship will improve drastically. Make sure that the spark stays alive, Leo. There are tougher times you might have to face once you have everything you want, and the bond that you create with your significant other will be your saving grace. This year is full of passion, excitement, and a lot of hard work, especially to get the woman of your dreams. The last few days of the year will make you realize how well you have fared the year, but will also warn you about something specific. Be alert Leo, and make sure that your intuition is always followed. Especially when it comes to your heart.