Leo is amongst the 12 zodiac signs; it is the life of any party. Leo is ruled by the sun and fire elements and craves attention. They are a loyal breed and have a heart of gold. Love horoscope for Leo in the year 2020 looks really good.


Leos take pride in their leadership skills and have the courage to take on the impossible, they have a royal vibe about themselves just like a lion is the king of the jungle, and Leos are the kings in the human world.


Another great thing about Leos is that they are very expressive, they never hide their feelings form anyone. They are straightforward if they don’t like something they let people know about it. They don’t play a game of hiding and seek with feelings.


They are honest and generous people, although you should be aware that they can get very dramatic. Leos are born between July 23 and August 22. Being a fire sign, they dream big and have even bigger hearts.


They are the entertainer of the group; any social interaction which involves a Leo has to be dramatic and full of laughter. They are the life of any party, Leos love cracking jokes and will definitely leave you in splits. They have a very happy go lucky nature. They are one of the liveliest people.


Leos live life, king size. As they have royalty attached to their name, they behave like one. They are not known to compromise, they want everything to be the best. They are born leaders as well. They are very protective of their family, friends and their special one.


Leos are flirty by nature; they have a long list of admirers. Leos are the most loyal beings; they can go to any lengths to give happiness to their other half. They always push their loved ones to move forward. Leos are very fierce but at the same time, they are very sensitive.


Having a relationship with Leo can be one of the best things, as they make everything beautiful. They get happy with even the smallest gestures and will do anything to keep you happy. Although their possessiveness and jealousy might cross the line sometimes.


Leos are very confident which sometimes comes across as arrogance, but that’s not the case. Their confidence and strong personality is actually very attractive. They are very generous lovers, they like showering their special one with a lot of gifts and affection.


Leos are the kind of people who go all-in when in a relationship so it gets difficult for their partners to meet up their expectations. Leos are playful lovers; they focus on the pleasure of their partner and expect the same in return.


They love going out, dressing up and dining at a fancy place is their kind of night. They love attention which is why they always want to get complimented. This trait however sometimes backfires for Leos, as their partner, might not like this need for attention.


Leos are very compatible with Earth signs, they can’t let go of them which is a bit odd as Leo lives for intensity and passion whereas Earth signs are more of the calm and down to earth people. They actually help Leos to commit and focus on the thing they have taken up.


It is believed that once you have been with a Leo, it is very hard to forget them. They leave an everlasting memory. Leos are very adventurous; staying with them means a rollercoaster ride.


The year 2020 looks really good for Leo’s Love life. Getting in a relationship with a Leo is very fortunate, but you might have to face certain troubles to keep up with them and keep the spark alive. Leos really need to control their anger and not get upset over petty things.


Focus more on the bigger picture and don’t lose your sleep over irrelevant things. Instead of reacting right away, try understanding things from your partner’s perspective. Keep yourself in their shoes and understand why they did it.


Year beginning can bring some troubles for unmarried couples as Saturn will be present in the 12th house and Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Ketu will be occupying the 5th house. This can bring some obstacles for lovers so they should be prepared and try avoiding any kind of misunderstanding.


2020 is a good year for planning a marriage as the moon will be present in the 7th house. Your partner will support you and help you achieve your goals. However, as we move towards May, there is a retrogression of Saturn which can lead to emotional instability. The health of your partner may also deteriorate so take precautions.


Towards the end of the year, sometime around September things will start to look better, as there will be a lot of movement in the planets. Jupiter and Saturn will turn progressive and Rahu Ketu is also believed to change positions for the favorable.


So Leos, get out and start looking for partners and if you already have one then get prepared for the rollercoaster that 2020 is going to be.



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