Leo- The Positive in the Negative

The birth of people between the 23rd of July and the 22nd of August put them under the sun sign – Leo.

Just like their symbol, i.e. the lion, Leos have very strong personalities. Their impressive and impressionable personality is justified by the element associated with their sun sign – fire. Leo is ruled by the sun.

Besides being rough and tough, Leo individuals are absolute charmers.Leaving their mark wherever they go, they trod with a heart full of pride. With respect to their relationships, Leo’s outshine most and make excellent partners.

Their romantic nature makes them ensure you aren’t left with a moment to sulk. Leo love to be in the limelight and are an extreme personality. For Leo, it is never too much or never too little. Let’s find out some more about Leo’s traits! 

Positive Leo Traits: 

 Caring- Leo’s are people who have large groups of friends due to their extrovert personalities. However, the things that Leos stand out in is their caring and nurturing nature for their friends and families.

Leo’s gives off a protective and lovable vibe around them and deeply cares about people who are close to them. Leo’s may come off as arrogant but deep inside they are sweet, innocent creatures who desire love and affection.  

 Natural Leader- Leo’s are born individuals. Their constant urge of being in the spotlight makes them excellent leaders and thus, makes them popular.

They execute responsibilities very well and know how to organize good teams. Leo’s always valued themselves above all and that shows in their work too! Leo’s don’t naturally get the spotlight, they work hard to achieve the same.

On the way, they execute their leadership skills and rise above all. 



 Leo’s are individuals who always look for silver linings in the dark clouds. They are the glass half full kind of personalities and constantly find reasons to be grateful and happy.

This makes them the charismatic personality they are. If Leos are faced with tough situations, you will almost always see them brace it all with a smile only because they look for the good even in the bad! 



Leo’s are born loyal. They value friendships and relationships a lot and thus, are always there for you and will never go behind your back.

They desire the same loyalty from their peers. They will always stand up for their loved ones, protect them in the face of danger, and always look out for them in tough situations. 



Leo’s are born with a flair for drama and have a certain flamboyance to their spirits. They love to be the center of attention.

This makes them extremely entertaining as they need to shine out the other, but all in good spirits.

Leo will command the audience, take charge, and almost always get a standing ovation! They are an anecdote and love telling stories and entertaining the crowd. 

Leo Negative Traits 



Leo’s urge to dominate and extreme confidence may sometimes take a turn for the worse as levels of arrogance tend to take over.

It is very hard to convince Leo that they might be wrong and their overconfidence about their goodness makes them arrogant.

Sometimes, the Leo individual can also get self-centered and neglect others’ feelings to protect theirs. 



 Leos love to procrastinate and always leave things for the last minute. They hate leaving their couch when they are settled in comfortably with a snack.

Leo’s are surely very ambitious but almost always look for the easy way out of things. Especially if the situation is something not to Leo’s liking, Leo’s will look for every excuse to bail. 


Dogmatic and Prideful-

It is not a surprise that Leo’s are full of pride. The attention they always seek and most often get due to their attention-seeking tactics, makes them beam with pride. Their pride can become so powerful that they might hold onto the wrong belief or idea due to their stubbornness.

They may also at times undermine others to outshine them and not recognize their contributions.  



As stated earlier, Leo always wants to be the best person in the room, on top of everything. This makes them fiercely competitive and sometimes even, in the wrong way.

They get very jealous if someone else rises above them and would do anything to bring them down. 

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