LEO - The Natural Leader

LEO - The Natural Leader

There are optimistic people who with their unbuttered charm amuse the gatherings around them with their grace. A Leo can be added to this category easily. They are the most charismatic people, who love the limelight. It is not unlikely that they grab the attention, owing to their natural leadership qualities, which they express whenever and wherever. They are known for their loyalty, which they do not break even when difficult times happen. They are pompous and do big in every aspect of life they wish to. On the outer end, they are luckiest people with the biggest assets around them, encompassing their energy in a positive direction to earn what they need. This is just one side of the coin. While they radiate positive vibes around them, a tint of negativity cannot be neglected. A lion when hurt moves to itself, tries being on its own, being the reason for its suffering. Leo also behaves in the same way when they are in deep pain. They neither express their issues to someone who might find a solution nor do they try solving them on their own. They believe they had to go through the situation even when they are not the ones at fault.


Traits of a Leo

Not even a single gathering will be just a gathering for a Leo. It will in itself be a great deal, whatever be the scale on which it is being organized. The Leo is sure to steal all the attention in such gatherings, sometimes leading to jealousy among the group. But this is a natural trait they cannot keep away from them. They are graceful and each act of theirs will automatically receive appreciation from anyone in the crowd. They believe in the fact that a second person is never remembered, only the first will be. They strive to be the best in their field of interest, no matter what amount of hard work it demands. They are stubborn about the things they feel they need to achieve and do not drift away from it, even in a great sea of obstacles. They are not the ones who take orders, they themselves are natural leaders. Even if they are not in a position of authority where they are the ones to give orders, they naturally form a sphere of leadership around them, motivating their peers to work hard to make themselves better. Though this motivation is a good aspect up to some extent, it would reach people as arrogance most of the time leading to ego clashes, not suitable for a professional environment. Leos are always the popular ones in a gang of nobody. Their rise to fame and popularity might sometimes happen in stage by stage process and sometimes happens all of a sudden. Whatever be the situation it occurs, the fame they are entitled to be inevitable which they deal with in the most graceful manner. Like a lion protects his habitat and takes over the security needs of its jungle, a Leo is also protective of everything and everyone they consider theirs. Their special and unsolicited attention to the ones they consider as vulnerable is indeed a great aspect for those who need care, while for those who hate to be monitored over and given a protective gauge around them without asking for, it acts as a disadvantage, causing other issues. They never back away from choosing responsibilities. They take up family responsibilities and take care of their kin in the best possible way which sometimes might take a negative face of being too protective.

Negative Aspects of a Leo


While Leos become the parents they found somewhere else to many, there are situations that create hate for a Leo. Leos need to understand that not everyone needs attention and not everyone is to be bothered about. Leos are perfect at hiding emotions and being inexpressive about the problems they are undergoing. If they work on the issue of their negative aspects, they can always be pictured as the heroes of the episode of life.