Leo Horoscope for 2020

  • Date: 23rd July – 22nd August
  • Ruling planet: Sun
  • Ruling element: Fire
  • Ruling house: Fifth
  • Polarity: Positive
  • Dominant quality: Fixed
  • Lucky day: Sunday
  • Lucky colour: Yellow, Orange, Golden and ochre
  • Lucky gemstone: Carnelian, Yellow Sapphire


Leo Basic Personality Traits

The horoscope of a particular zodiac determines the basic demeanour of a person. And similarly, the horoscope of Leo for the year 2020 is going to determine how your nearest Leo will be towards you or anybody else. Though, here are some basic traits for Leo.

You might hardly miss a person who is Leo. You might find that Leos are the larger than life people around you, adding so much grandiose to the things that they might do. They have a huge and warm heart and are known for their gregarious nature and outspoken personality.

They are the born leaders and love to lead in a lot of things. They might not want to stay under someone’s lookout. Rather they would want to create the entire set of rulebooks. They have a headstrong personality and will not fear in taking certain steps. They make a pompous and high approach towards most of the problematic situations.


Leo Horoscope For The Year 2020:-

The Planetary overview                                                             


The planet that supposedly takes the upper hand for the Leo horoscope 2020, and the entire year of 2020 is Saturn. Saturn will actually make you very defiant and uni- focused on your goals and ambitions. Make sure that you grab your opportunities with both your hands. There should be proper planning regarding all of this and one should not shoot in the dark. Fortune favours the brave, the wall trained and the well planned. Therefore Saturn ruling the sky is more of an open challenge for most of us.



Mars will bestow the much-required agility and quickness in our life. Mars starts the year in the house of Aries, the first house and therefore there will be a lot of positive energy for the zodiacs invested in here. Some things that are easy to reach will come to your hands at the beginning of the year. Some other things might require a lot of struggle. Mars sets the field for the competition open for most of us to play the challenge. So the Leo horoscope for 2020 invites to play the fields open and wide.



Mercury is supposedly going to do a sudden downfall, though might not be high grade but definitely impactful. The Mercurial aspect for Leo horoscope 2020 is going to be affected around the three months of March, July and November. Since these three timeline will be actually around the time of the water signs, therefore an emotional rollercoaster for Leo is sure to be a field. The most important step for overcoming the pesky rollercoaster for these three months of Mercury is to just follow your heart. The heart seats emotions and will keep in check.


The Fire Signs

These signs, that is Leo, Aries and Sagittarius will be ruled by their fire as always. Leo will have a lot of excitement going on around this year of 2020. The horoscope also says that the end of the year will be a bit adventurous and full of fun for Leo. Jupiter will move out of the house of Capricorn around the end of 2020, and Venus will not supposedly move over any significant positions therefore, nothing significant happens in the love life. Be sure that there is plenty of room for what you might want to do for yourself.


Career and Money

As said earlier, for the Leo horoscope of 2020, Mars is entering the house of Aries with the beginning of the year and will enter Capricorn around mid-February. Therefore there is a lot of ambition speaking out in these times. Leo horoscope of 2020 will show the requirement for the much-required energy and therefore the target for the year must be planning, Planning well and in advance will always stand out no matter what.

Uranus is making a transit in Taurus and will be shown a downfall for the time around mid- August till the end. For the Leo horoscope of 2020, finances might see some down scaling and therefore key to financial stability is planning (although not a high scale problem is expected.

For the Leo horoscope of 2020, a career might see a soar or a progression from what it was a few times back, but definitely, with Jupiter spending most of the time within Capricorn till the end of the year, finances might not see much of a rise. You might require planning to keep yourself afloat along with the quarters of finances. There might not be any surges despite your hard work.



Leo horoscope of 2020 suggests that there is some unexpected fun and adventure in your way for this time, the year 2020. Venus will start the year with a step inside Aquarius, adding a lot of spunk into the relationship, and in the time of mid-January to mid-February, Venus makes a transit to the house of Pisces. Although you might have a fairy tale vision of your love life, nut that surely is not in your plate for this year.

Around the time of September beginning, Venus will be in the house of Leo, and therefore the Leo horoscope of 2020 spells some affections and warmth in the relationship during this time.

For singles, the beginning of the year does not await on anything serious or in particular as per the Leo horoscope of 2020. You might catch a few eyes, get sexually encountered too, but nothing substantial is supposed to come out. You might be very much invested in your own career and in maintaining your finances that you would want to cut short on the extravagance of going on dates. The Leo horoscope of 2020 says that you will actually start amending your dating ways by the end of 2020.



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