While one resides in a country of traditions and customs, it gets really difficult to get past a certain school of thought and rituals. Even though the generational shift has changed a lot of things for us, but even after that certain rituals and myths do exist in our Indian society. 

Apart from all the Indian traditions including that of kundali and mad marriage matching, the rising popularity of examining horoscopes and zodiacs has overshadowed these ancient traditions a little. 

Speaking of zodiacs and horoscopes along with the myths and traditions, one must know that these horoscopes and all the zodiacs are not just about dates and personality traits. They tend to have a deep-rooted understanding regarding the symbol and constellation facts related to the same. 

So, while we are here and discussing about constellations, then let us have a look at what the Leo constellation has in store for us.


Before moving forward towards the constellation facts of a Leo zodiac, one must know a little something about their personality and their natural traits. So, as we know that this sign is represented by the symbol of the Lion, so quite obviously we need to think of this zodiac as the king of the jungle. 

And no kidding, the people belonging to this zodiac are quite the ruling personalities and they like to be the center of attraction at all times. These people are full of life and they believe in living it large, without any regrets and failures. 

Leos are usually the kind of people who like to express huge gestures and make grand entries at certain parties because thats how they attract the attention of the people out there. They command the spotlight at all times because obviously the lions are the ones who lead and the rest follow. So, get ready to follow this zodiac if you are by any means related to them. 


The Leo symbol represents a lion which is the king of the jungle. One thing that everyone knows about lions is they are naturally born leaders. The Leo symbol signifies power and it represents that a Leo is born to rule. There is a certain royal quality when anyone talks about people with Leo zodiac signs. The Leo symbol is easy to understand as it represents a lion but that lion can be a very complex creature. 

The most common fact about lions is that they are dangerous while that is true but there is way more to it than that. A lion is calculative in taking their decisions as many times their actions can be unpredictable and shocking. Lions are very elegant and royal creatures as they represent the jungle. Lions are very compassionate and caring towards their family as they are responsible for protecting their family. Many times lions hunt their prey because of their family. Overall they are very strong and powerful creatures. The Leo symbol represents these characteristics and a lot more


While we have discussed the traits and symbols of the Leo zodiac, one must also know the mythology and the actual tradition behind the constellation of Leo. It is said that Mesopotamians were the ones who documented the initial existence of the Leo constellation. In the constellation of Leo, it is said that it can be found by looking or situating the head or the sickle of the lion starting at the regulas. The Leo constellation lies in the northern sky and is known to be one of the largest constellations in the sky out of all the other zodiacs. 

This constellation is known to be the home to some of the brightest stars like that of Regulus and Denebola. Leo constellation is the 12th largest constellation with an area of 947 square degrees. It contains 13 named stars with Regulas being the brightest of all. And apart from this, there are two meteor showers related to this constellation. So, these above observations are quite important to know about the actual myths and traditions behind the zodiac of Leo. And you definitely need to take a look at all these factors before getting involved with a Leo.