Leo Ascendant: Charming And Full Of Life

Leo Ascendant: Charming And Full Of Life

Having a Leo Ascendant means that the time when you were born, Leo was rising. It means that Sun (your ruling planet) is positioned in your first house. It is believed that if you have Leo ascendant, then you have a specific set of personality traits. Since Leo is rising at the time of your birth, it endows with you some shine which ensures that you never go unnoticed.

You are full of self-confidence and like to stay in the limelight, you are the kind of person who never grows old and there is a child living inside you. You tend to be a drama queen so you sometimes do exaggerate things

You like to hold the position of a leader and love directing things. Being a Leo Ascendant, you are quite giving but often use the underhand to win arguments. Your external appearance holds a great deal of importance so you make sure it’s perfect and take care of each and every detail.

You often use your physical appearance to convey what you are feeling; the concept of love is more about people loving you for you. So you use your body language to impress them and attract them towards you.

Being a Leo Ascendant you are not a big fan of introspection, but rely on others for continuous acceptance, that’s what gives you strength and a boost to your morale. To validate yourself, you are attracted to work in the field of politics, education or something related to society.

You have a very strong creative side, so you have sudden urges to create something; it can be a piece of art or even a relationship. You do this to give yourself an ego boost and little successes do that for you. All in all you want strong foundations for everything – your career, relations, goals and yourself.

Being a Leo Ascendant, you are a true believer of love and faith and how they can help you achieve everything; they are your biggest motivators. Love and faith can make you do anything in your personal as well professional life.

If someone is able to earn your trust, then they are the luckiest people as you would go to any length for you. But if you don’t get the desired love and attention, you can turn really cold. You are a people person and love to socialize, but at the same time you need your personal space.

Leo ascendants are very expressive; you don’t hide what you are feeling. When this is combined with the creative side of a Leo ascendant, you get real good actors. So you will do great in the show business.


Leo Ascendant Woman:

A woman with a Leo Ascendant has a very charming personality and is extremely fun to be around. She is the life of every party and people love her. She oozes of confidence and can sure make some heads turn!

She is a born leader and knows when to take things in her hand. She can get kind of deceptive because she doesn’t always reveal her true self to everyone. She shows people what they want to see; it’s always a combination of who she really is and what she wants to show.

She follows all the fashion trends and will never dress shabbily. Her fashion game is always on point. Being a Leo ascendant, she loves pampering herself and you can often find her splurging. The best way to impress a Leo ascendant woman is to shower her with compliments.

Her energy is contagious and you can’t help but get infected by it. When it comes to romantic relationships, she is a lioness, ready to take charge. She is very sensuous and no man can say no to her charisma.

She lives life to the fullest and doesn’t like to compromise on anything so she needs a man who can keep up with her. She loves her freedom but at the same time likes to be cared for and babied. Her pride is very important so you shouldn’t do anything to hurt that if you want to stay in her good books.

However, she has some flaws – she can get boastful and vain. She values things more than people and to express your love to her, you need to buy her something nice. She likes it as long as she is the center of attraction.


Leo Ascendant Man:

A man with Leo ascendant is fair, optimistic and full of fire. He is very caring and likes to share what he has with everyone. He doesn’t shy away from showing his sensitive side. He inspires people and has very high morals.

He is very charitable but at the same time he likes to have fun, high-end parties and events are his things. The best way to celebrate something is to throw a lavish party. Just like a Leo ascendant woman, he too likes to stay in the limelight.

He craves to live a life full of luxury and comfort and is ready to work towards it. He is very determined and makes a great leader because he is always motivating and encouraging people around him to push their limits.

He is all about fitness and health, so no matter how busy he is, he will never skip the gym. He likes to keep his diet as healthy and clean as possible. He is always happy so he brings in a lot of positive vibes wherever he goes.

Being a Leo ascendant man, he has some flaws as well – he tends to get very aggressive in an argument, he always wants to be the center of attraction no matter what. He is too into his looks and expects to impress people with his clothes.