Legends are born in leo sign

Legends are born in leo sign

Leo birth month 

People born between July 23 and August 22 come under the great leo represented by the animal Lion and Ruled by the sun, creating fire as it's element. This birthday month makes Leo sign more creative, passionate, cheerful, and more over the quality represented by its symbol Lion makes them fixed and more kind of stubborn. 

People having this zodiac sign are more ambitious and intelligent, having the lion as its symbolically character they have more to roar about, and love to be the centre of attraction as the lion wants too. They are dreamers and do anything to achieve their goals in life. 

They understand themselves as the king, like a lion thinks that he is the king of the animals. They are more worried about their looks and appearances and they should learn to control their pride which may be harmful for them in future. 

Abrogating aspect

Having a number of good qualities Leo birth month provides them with a lot of negative qualities which should be changed, every time they want to lead everything like a Lion. This is the greatest drawback for them, they're stubborn which makes the situation worse in cases of relationships, they're arrogant, lazy and self centred. These are the bad qualities which the leo has to improve and has to improve them. 

Friends and Family 

Being protective and caring by nature, they are loyal to their family members, they are treated like kings and queens by their family members and they are also very supportive in family matters. They behave and handle every situation like a leader  and they are more charming than their Siblings.

They have a large circle of friends as people get attracted towards their loyalty and charming personality. They are kind of short tempered people and get easily angry if things in front of them go wrong and that's why they choose friends who can understand them. 

Cultus taste

These people are more attracted towards summer sales as they're born in summers. They dress up perfectly for each and every occasion. Gold color and similar shades of gold (yellowish,colors of sunshine) gives them good vibes and are the best match for their outfits. If they plan to go somewhere important and want their impression to be good style these colors with good trendy outfits. 

These people are good while picking up clothes for them, and most of the people like their dressing sense adorable. Women generally have eye on elegant stuff while men like to be more comfortable in informals ones. 

Money making 

They are also called money saver as they have the habit of saving money. They think before investing in something, with the creative mind you choose to invest very smartly. They are big dreamers and very ambitious, and have dedication to succeed. 

Be attentive while trusting someone in your job, some people will raise your gratitude to make you fall down.They are very intelligent and know when to spend their money and where not to.

When a Leo falls in love! 

Aries and leo 

Both having the similar element fire represents the relationship between these two zodiac signs, which is the reason for immediate attraction between them. Both the signs are attracted towards each other as they can understand which makes them Physically, mentally and emotionally more strong. 

This relationship will work for a long time as they both are compatible for each other in terms of loving, carrying and respect. They are ready to accept each other in the way they are , and this relationship will be based on mutual trust and understanding. 

Capricorn and leo 

Talking about leo sun signs they are always worried about their status and name, they are dramatic And difficult to handle. And on the other hand capricorn sun signs are more reserved to themselves. This may lead to conflict between them as it will not be easy for a capricorn to handle leo. 

However, both signs are awfully devoted to each other, their relationship will be successful if they are ready to devote respect, and energy in their relationship. Leo can only lift the spirit of capricorn and this may be the reason they are compatible partners for each other. 

They both are ambitious and passionate couples, if they will resort their energy towards the same direction then they can be a very strong couple. They are loyal to each other but for a person having capricorn as it's zodiac sign may take time or find difficulties to open up with the partner.