Learn the Lessons of the Fake Gold- Spread Those Dreadful Cards

Learn the Lessons of the Fake Gold- Spread Those Dreadful Cards

The images of some cards may look very gothic and scary but their telling is far from this. At times even expert tarot readers think of some cards in a negative light just because of their art. The skeletons and the devils will not always bring you peril. Not everything that shines is gold and the opposite of this is also true. You just need to see the world in a positive light, and these cards quite surprisingly will help you with this.

You should not worry about the gothic art that these cards convey but think about the meanings that these cards imply with so, let’s check out some scary-looking cards that may be a blessing in disguise.

The Tower

The tower card does not come with a happy illustration. It always means that some problem has occurred in your life or will occur soon in your life. This seemingly grim card is misinterpreted as a bad omen to keep you on your toes and aware of all that is happening around you. People think of the occurrence of this card as the disaster waiting to strike. The card was built in the aristocratic times and told the noblemen that their rule may be in jeopardy. This meaning was changed with time. The wheel of the moment was not kind to this card and the card which was once seen as the messenger of change is now seen as an omen for disaster.

Lighting in this card can be seen as the payback that some people deserve. Sometimes the bad actions and the good actions that happened with us have no control of ours on them. These are karmic and are guided by spirit angels. These spirit angels keep count of all that you do in your life. The change in your life will give you the chance to start new and fresh. The reversed position of this card can also suggest that the melodrama and the stress that it can cause in your life is now over and new beginnings are on your door.

The Devil

The devil in theology is often associated with the depth of hell and all the punishments a person has to endure if they ever reach hell. The Tarot card reading does not always keep the meaning of a card based on its religious sentiments. Often what we perceive the world as is not true and we need to have a whole new perception to see the truth. This is what the devil card signifies.

The perception of this card has changed with time and unfortunately for the worse. The Devil is at times placed in relation with the “scrape goated goddess” who is often said to be the demon. This image was used in the early days of the Tarot and with time was misinterpreted.

If you get this card, it does not always have to mean that something bad might happen in your life or will happen with time. This card can mean that your sense of life is not straight according to society but a bit twisted. You might take fun in being the prankster or the juvenile everyone respects out of fear. You might take the fun of being the odd one out of the basket. Bing different needs guts and you have them.


Death can never be happy or auspicious. It is feared and running away from it is only human nature. The harsh truth of life is death is inevitable. Death is often misunderstood because, in the reading of tarot cards, the death card does not always show the literal death of a person. It may be the funeral of a bad phase, a relationship, or a project. This card portrays the harsh time; the thunder and storm before the calmness of the sea.

This card helps a person to cut the link they have to their past and start a new beginning. The death card was designed as black armor and a horse galloping towards the void. People thought this to be the messenger of death when it is the punishment of sin. The sin that has happened from you in the past knowingly or unknowingly must be atoned and this card reminds you of this sole fact.

Every graphic on the card indeed has a symbolic value of itself, but at the same time, they are often misrepresented and interpreted wrongly. To ensure that while reading the tarot cards, you analyze them correctly, try looking at the sides that are out of the box.