Learn about your Expression Number to know yourself much deeper.

Numerology is an interesting concept which cannot be grasped instantly. Rather one has to invest some time to know it. Numerology’s roots go back to ancient Babylon and ancient Greece to ancient cultures of the East, etc. As cultures developed, they formed a certain understanding of the numbers and used them to draw inferences about past, present, and future. People in modern times have claimed to see repeated numbers wherever they go. They see 11, 33, 77, 11:11 on the clock, and much more. This is a synchronicity that not all people can notice. 

Some people just believe in Numerology whereas some know its significance. Numerology is not a question of belief or disbelief. You can see the aforesaid patterns very clearly once you develop cohesiveness with people or with your surroundings. Every number has a certain vibration and frequency. Expression Number is once facet of Numerology which explains to us why we are the way we are. 

What are Expression Numbers?

Expression Number as the name suggests, is the number that is calculated according to our first, middle (if you have any middle name), and last together to get a single digit. Expression Number gives inferences about a person’s personality, how they choose to express themselves in the world and how they feel about it inside. As it is said, our outward expression is usually the result of our inner situation. It is very important that we maintain peace and calm to be at our best in expression. To find that expression, one has to come to certain ease that no matter what

happens on the outside, I’ll be all right, I’m all right. 

How do I calculate my Expression Number?

One’s expression number is based on the letters of their names. Suppose if your name is Sita Rai, this is the way you will count your Expression number:

1 2 3   

4 5 6    

7 8 9

A B C   

D E F    


J K L   

M N O   


S T U   

V W X   


We will count now: 

Sita Rai = (1+9+2+1) + (9+1+9)

= 13 + 19


= 3 + 2



What are the meanings of different Expression Numbers?

Let us now look at the meanings of different Expression Numbers. 

Number 1

People who get Number 1 as their Expression number are born to be a leader. They may have an authoritarian streak that intimidates others. They might be sort of perfectionists who likes to have and see everything in its proper place. 

Number 2

People who get Number 2 as their Expression number are highly emotionally intelligent and creative in their pursuits. These people wish to express themselves freely without having to be pressured by the conventions of society. Rebel at heart, these people choose the most offbeat career paths for themselves.

Number 3

People who get Number 3 as their Expression number aspires towards adventure. They have a lot of pent-up energy that needs to be channelized properly. They love outdoor sports and are generally playful by nature. Their playfulness allows them to mingle with anybody without showing any duplicity in their behavior. 

Number 4

These people are practical and hard-willed by nature. They have a stable body and mind on which they want to build their lives. They’re not too fond of displaying their emotions in the open and are very serious about how they carry themselves in the world. Too much seriousness may cause them to feel isolated from the world and their creative talents.

Number 5

Number 5 people are people who are mutable and sociable by nature. They do not need much coaxing to be relaxed. They have a Pisces feel to them as they can merge with any type of surrounding or people. They’re extremely open in their hearts and minds. This inclines them to take up humanitarian work and build a positive atmosphere in society.

Number 6

Expression number 6 people are loving and devoted to anything they commit themselves to. They feel the inherent need to parent their friends, family, siblings, etc. They can be termed as young people with wisdom. They love to read books and treatises on philosophy, religion, and spirituality. Their expression outlet is freedom by not listening to the bullshit society feeds us all with.

Number 7

These people have a scientific bent of mind and love to play with word problems. They might have experienced dyslexia or difficulty in reading while growing up. But as they grow up, their intelligence blossoms a little too magnificently that they become astronauts, scientists, spiritual leaders, etc. 

Number 8

These people are very romantic. Competitive and a bit forceful, they are ambitious by nature. They do not like too much attention from others and are their best when alone.

Number 9

These people love to work for society. They always think of the greater good of everyone and express themselves best when they’re helping someone. They are natural volunteers who love to work for humanity.

Learning about Expression Numbers in a way makes us learn something about ourselves that was previously unnoticed. Whether your Expression Number is 1, 2, 3 or, 6, it does not matter as long as you resonate and keep working towards your growth and self-actualization. 

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