Learn about the Facts, Effects, and Remedies of Shani Sade Sati

Learn about the Facts, Effects, and Remedies of Shani Sade Sati

About Shani Sade Sati


Sade means ‘half’ and Sati means ‘seven’ in Hindi, so it roughly translates to Shani 7½. It is an astrological period of the planet Saturn. It is a phase when Saturn revolves around the three signs, i.e., the moon sign, the sign preceding the moon and the sign succeeding the moon for 2½ years each, that is why the combined running period for Saturn totals to a span of 7½ years, hence it is named Shani Sade Sati.


What happens during Shani Sade Sati?


The period of Saturn is considered to be quite difficult, full of challenges and obstacles.  During this time, Saturn becomes an educator and helps one learn the rules of living life with empathy and how valuable is justice in life. It ventures to break the possible egoistic qualities as well as tendencies.


It is an event in which you are taught to repent and learn to accept your karmic actions as the planet is ruled by Shani Dev who is believed to be responsible for penance and accepting of your past karma. Everybody experiences different events and incidents when influenced by Shani Sade Sati.


Some experiences may be of inclusive negative energies and others might be of an optimistic as well as helping in nature. It will vary from person to person and in which sign is Shani is placed.


Effects of Shani Sade Sati


Shani Sade Sati isn’t always evil or beneficial. It has both sides to it. You should never consider just as the day of reckoning instead take it as a learning and repentance period. The outcomes and effects also depend on the birth chart of a person, the experiences are not the same for everyone.

Below are some positive as well as outcomes of Shani Sade Sati to understand the overall effects of it.


          Positive Outcomes:


     â—      Shani Sade Sati always supports and does good for the people who follow rules and do good for others and in general are very empathetic and understanding towards others.

     â—      Your constant achievements and efforts won’t ever go unnoticed when your birth chart is under the influence of Saturn and you will be rewarded for your deeds.

     â—      Little obstacles, losses, and difficulties in the way of your goals won’t stop you from moving forward towards achieving them. You will get the will and patience to handle the troubles.


Negative Outcomes:


●      Shani Sade Sati focusses on helping you in planning long term goals but never short terms goals and ways to reach the desired path. It will always push you to put more and more effort, nothing is easily earned.


●      The tasks and work you do or plan to do will become very strenuous and grueling as it will require planning, organizing, disciplinary and order of things; because Saturn loves these aspects to be followed.


●      You have to play fair and square in order to reach a certain point in life by following set rules and regulations. You can not take any shortcuts and this might become frustrating and irritating for you at times.


●      Saturn also is a state of disgrace, losing self-respect for some. It destroys the peace of mind, ruins mental as well as physical health and even creates difficulties in resolving personal relationship issues. 


Don’t fear Shani Sade Sati as it is much more than just frustrating, disheartening and losing things and relationships. It also pushes you in doing what is right and makes you value small things in life by being empathetic rather egoistic.


 Remedial Measures to Deal with Shani Sade Sati


You can get rid of the negative outcomes or at least reduce their intensity by following certain remedies. The remedies will also help in maintaining positive outcomes. They are discussed as to help fight the ill-effects of Shani Sade Sati:


  1. You can do the following Japp of Mantras to help the cause of Saturn:


a)     Beej Mantra of Saturn:

Om Aim Hreem Shreem Shanescharaya Namah


b)    Mantra Japa for Shani Sade Sati:

om pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya nama


  1. Worshipping Lord Hanuman and reciting the Hanuman Chalisa on a daily basis will help a person get through this period of Shani Sade Satti.


  1. Wearing 14-Mukhi Rudraksha will help negate the malefic effects the Shani Sade Satti has on an individual’s life.


  1. Donating blankets, black gram, and iron articles to the poor and needy will also help.


  1. Adorning an iron ring made out of the horseshoe in the right hand’s tall finger will also help in reducing the effects of Saturn.


Conclusion: As the name suggests Shani Sade Sati, it translates to a period of Shani or Saturn of 7½ years of combined revolution around three signs and effecting the birth chart of a person in a way that he/she learn to value things and repent their past life sins. It also pushes them to do what is right and beneficial for their long term goals and not short term.