Lal Kitab Remedies

Lal Kitab Remedies

Lal Kitab is just synonymous with Astro-palmistry. The origin of the Lal Kitab is pretty controversial as it has both its roots in Indian Vedic age as well as in the then evolving Persian and the Arabian civilizations. Originally as per the Indian mindset, Ravana is thought to be the writer of the Lal Kitab, himself being very well versed in Vedic Vidya and astrology. But after the war of Ramayana, everything related to Ravana was destroyed and so was the Lal Kitab. It floated away from its roots and was later discovered in Ād in Arabia, since which the people of Arabia started calling it their own. The Lal Kitab is actually a set of five books on Astro-palmistry. Its rules are based on Samudrika Shastra(which deals with face reading, aura reading, and body analysis), and later on, it developed as a branch of these Shastras.


Lal Kitab contains poems, verses, sing-alongs which are easy to remember and go along for a basic understanding of the remedies. On a basic level these remedies are pretty simple and easy to follow and are mostly beneficiary in the realm of astrology. Basically it deals with how the planetary motions actually influence the natal chart of a person, and in turn the fortune lines on one's hand. It has very lucid descriptions of the Navagrahas and how to do these planetary aspects when they enter the houses cohere with the paths of humans. The five edited and translated books of the Lal Kitab include:

• Lal Kitab Ke Firmaan(1939)

• Lal Kitab Ke Arman(1940)

• Gutka(1941)

• Lal Kitab Ke Firmaan(1942)

• Lal Kitab(1952)


Some of the overall general principles mentioned in the Lal Kitab include the following

• Putting the dining table close to the kitchen so that no food drops while bringing the dishes and never eat on the place of slumber. It always allows the adhering of two vices, slumber and hunger.

• Rahu causes unnecessary fears and anxiety. The most basic way to avert Rahu is never to keep unwanted, useless, unused articles at home and office. The cluster of unused articles is always said to be the playground of evil.

• Always seek the blessings of people elder than you and the goodwill of those who are younger to you. It helps in building a sound society.

• Jupiter decides the fate of human beings. As Jupiter is large enough to shelter other planets, one should never annoy someone who provides shelter, that is one's father. The happiness of a father is the blessing of the entire family.

• Always respect monks and Brahmans.

• To earn the favor of the Moon, never tease or ill-treat any animals, especially dogs. If possible feed them and take good care of them. This also removes the bad effects of Rahu.

• Saffron and golden color are very suspicious. Therefore wear gold rings, golden bands and apply saffron on your forehead, or eat a few strands before embarking on important business.


Some basic Lal Kitab remedies to do away with the negativities of your daily life include

• If someone in your family is prone to accidents then follow the first Tuesday post-Amavasya. Wash some beads of rice in milk and throw them into flowing water.

• Always rinse your mouth and face while you wake in the morning, and look at your hands which will make you feel peaceful.

• If someone has repeated mood swings and is frustrated for the most of the part of the day, then tie lemons and green chilies in a string, run it around the person 7 times and then burn it. Ask the person to watch the process. 

• If a person is constantly I'll, yeh place two copper coins under the person's pillow for the night, take them to the cemetery and throw them.


Sometimes the planets are a bit weak for people. In such a case the Lal Kitab mentions some basic remedies.

• If your Jupiter is not strong, then follow a fast on Thursdays, chant the Garuda Puran, water the peepal tree and put yellow flowers to God.

• To propitiate Venus, wear ironed clothes, perfume yourself, self-grooming, beautification also help.

• To please Mars, fasting on Tuesdays, and praying to Hanuman and donating red sindoor and red flowers will help. 

• To please Sun, chanting or listening to Harivansh Puran helps. Throwing of copper coins inflowing river and making the entrance of the door towards the east also helps.

• To please Saturn, following a fast to Saturdays, worshipping Bhairon, donating wine to the deity, or worshipping Shani helps. Donating oil, bread loaves to poor people also helps.

• To propitiate Rahu, giving red Masur to the sweeper helps. Saraswati Puja on Basant Panchami helps in an ailing Rahu.

• To propitiate Ketu, fasting on Ganesh Chaturthi, chanting the name of Ganesh helps. Also, one should try feeding dogs.

• If your Mercury is giving I'll results, dropping of green things or a copper coins with a hole in running water may help. Giving green colored clothes and Bangles to kinners also help.

• For an ill Moon, Lord Shiva should be worshipped with milk and sandalwood paste, also one can keep nails in the feet of one's bed.