Lagna - the Sign Which Rises in the East During a Child's Birth

Lagna - the Sign Which Rises in the East During a Child's Birth

The timings of a child's birth play a vital role in his/her life. The alignment of Chakras, Mandalas along with Nakshatras and Planetary positions decides how his life would be in future. Where, Karma remains the dominating of all and its role, in the same way, cannot be declined. But at the same time, the importance of astrological impacts can't be denied too.

And one such sign is Lagna or Ascendant which also plays an important role.

What is Lagna or Ascendant?

The Lagna or Ascendant is the sign which rises in the east direction when a child is born. The zodiac signs travel in 360 degrees, so the signs remain to arise below the horizon. Whereas the sign which rises exactly above the horizon is Lagna.

Importance of Ascendants or Normal lagnas in your life

Lagnas help one to know the reason for your whole existence. The Lagna in the first house represents the physical existence and wellness of a person. It includes your physical personality like your body parts, complexion etc. It signifies your head too. It has great importance in one's fortune and fame. Under this Lagna also comes the awareness about the longevity of one's life. Whereas the ninth house represents fortune and good luck. It helps in bringing good luck and prosperity in one's life but one thing should be kept in mind that the existence of every Lagna is important only when one has the strength in its ascendants. The Potential of a horoscope can be increased or decreased with the strength of Lagna. These are highly important and play a vital role in the Trikona house.

Moreover, certain important lagnas are considered while reading someone's horoscope and here are those as follows-

Chandra Lagna - This is the Lagna that continues for 2.5 days. Hence, is considered as one of the most important Lagna because Moon is considered for handling all the emotional qualities of a person whereas the ascendant is important for the physical qualities. Whereas, The Ascendant, Moon and Sun make the whole group for the resting position of the Horoscope. The Ascendant is the Physical body, Moon is the mind or emotion and Sun is the Soul.

Hora Lagna-

The position of the sun at the time of sunrise. Whereas, what makes it different from where the Sun travels from one zodiac to another in an hour. This Lagna is used to judge the wealth of a native and plays an important role while reading someone's horoscope.

Ghati Lagna:- 

The 1/60 part of the day which is 24 min is called Ghati.It is usually called as Lagna of Power and Authority. It is said that if anyone has his /her Hora Lagna and the Ghati Lagna together on their natal chart then the person is said to have a strong Raja Yoga on his /her part. This is also the reason why the Lagna is checked while going through the horoscope or natal chart. Moreover, even if two special lagnas fall together on someone's natal chart then the person is said to be very lucky and proclaimed to have a brighter future mentally, socially and emotionally, which is a great sign in itself.

Arudha Lagna:-

According to Sage Jamini, the ascendant is real to us, but when it comes to arudha Lagna it is basically what image of ours is perceived by society. In a nutshell, this special Arudha Lagna is basically about our image. For eg. If a person is studying in a prestigious college then he is considered very intellectual whereas the truth can be different, that he has got her admission by giving lakhs of donation and he may or may not be worthy to be called intellectual. So, this is the basic truth about Arudhaa Lagna.

Pakka Lagna:-

This Lagna plays a vital role when it comes to the Dasha of a person on Natal's chart. There are certain zodiacs when mixed and then observed on the natal chart, then they help us to know the condition of this Lagna.

Lagna is the only thing that is observed as a priority when looking at a person's natal chart. It lets us know about our whole existence in this universe. It not only shows the personality of a person but it also helps us to know how the life of a person would go in future. The lignans play a vital role and they get aligned if their lord Navamsha is happy with you.