kundli Does Not Match: what will happen,remedies

kundli Does Not Match: what will happen,remedies

Does Kundli matching guarantee a successful marriage?

According to the Hindus, Kundli matching is considered as one of the best ways to test the compatibility of two people who are planning to get committed for lifelong. So this factor can certainly prove a very strong successful relationship. Kundli matching is really important as marriage in the Hindu family is considered a very important event.

If your score is less than 18, you both just might not be very suitable for marriage. Kundli matching is really important in order to see whether the marriage will be fruitful, happy, and harmonious or not. Profession, culture, and background are not given as much importance as the Kundli matching.


What will happen if kundli does not match?

There is likely to be Disharmony in the relationship. Even if you are in life in a relationship. Even if you both have the necessary abilities, you are likely to end up in a very toxic relationship. Your respective careers will also be affected because of this. You both will end up creating an unhealthy atmosphere for yourselves and your kids.

If there will be no Kundli matching, your business can be affected severely. You can experience major losses because of that. You are likely to experience heated arguments without any reason. You both are likely going to take up fights with each other randomly. Your physical relationship is going to be affected the most.

Nobody would want to live in a relationship full of problems and disputes. These problems are not small but too much to live with. Everybody wishes for a very satisfactory life with their partner.


Remedies / Solution if Kundli not matching! 

There are so many couples who love each other immense but just because the Kundli matching system did not work out in their case, it does not mean they will become sad and just forget about themselves. Also today the number of love affairs is increasing, so the youth of India finds this Kundli matching thing as the biggest obstruction in their love. Obviously, love doesn't see Kundli. Indian parents feel that marriage is a lifelong commitment and they have the right to matching the stars.


Don't stress out in a case, your Kundli matching didn't work out. There are multiple remedies in this case guys.


If the Kundli matching did not work out,  there are many other factors that you can go for. Don't lose hope if you see that your points come out to be below 18. There are immense possibilities.

Your wedding can be approved because of many other factors as well.

If you guys do not have any kind of mangal dosh, then both your horoscopes or you may also call it birth charts are likely going to get neutralized.

Another cause can be that if the seventh house of marriage is really strong in the horoscope of the groom, then also your future can be considered as a good one. Even if the seventh house of marriage is in the birth chart of the girl, you will have good luck in marriage.

Dosha in your marriage won't destroy your marriage completely but you won't feel satisfied in a relationship while you have any kind of dosha. Dosha or no dosha the remedies like pooja and hymns will generally purify you and your karma. While living with a dosha, you will certainly feel like living in hell no matter how much you both love each other.


Yoni dosha

If anyone of the partners or maybe both the partners have yoni dosha in their kundlis, then you might have to perform some special kind of puja to get rid of it. You can also go for some kind of social causes. They can be charities, or maybe donations. That won't solve your problem completely but is likely going to bless you with happiness and also positivity.


Nadi dosha

In this dosha, you will have to wear certain gems. The gems have to be worn on the right hand's right finger otherwise the effects can be opposite as well. In that case, you can end up in more trouble. These gems should be worn according to your zodiac sign. Both the kundlis have to be shown only then the right gemstone can be advised by an astrologer.
You also have to do a little bit more effort in this Nadi dosha by chanting a few of the famous hymns suggested by your astrologer. You will have to do this for faster results. More than gems, the hymns will remove the Nadi dosha effectively.