Kundali Milan for marriage not only checks the Gun Milan but a variety of other factors

Kundali Milan for marriage holds sheer significance in Indian modern societies followed by Hindu families. If you have understood the process very well, then you may not seem to have any doubts in your mind. Kundali Milan is growing much greater importance day by day and time by time in order to get children married off to prospective partners. Without kundali Milan, no marriage seems to take place if you are born as a Hindu. Highly graduated females also tend to experience divorces because there are much greater flaws that begin to surface right after the marriage despite the kundalis is matched perfectly. The sheer narrative calling upon empowering of women on all grounds remains the same in modern households as well. Gun Milan while kundali matching is not there mere and the only aspect to look in order to leverage wedding rituals. There are other factors as well.


Astrologers tend to neglect other aspects and fix their focus upon only one facet which is Gun Milan and the astakoot Milan when it comes to fixing off marriages through the process of horoscope matching. Where many astrologers must come to terms with the fact that Gun Milan is just a primary step towards the canal of kundali Milan for the wed-lock of the couple. In simple words, it doesn’t come off as the complete matching making nod but just a very minuscule step of this comprehensive kundali matching process. This concludes that just depending wholly and solely upon the system of asthakoot Milan in order to match marriage is a vaguely wrong step and as sheer outcomes, this could turn a marriage into a disastrous one. However, a remarkable 26 points or even more must not fit to guarantee a well sound marriage. Likewise, points under 18 or 16 can make your marriage extremely blissful. Few people take action of matching marriage on the rules of name, which happens to be incorrect. Natives before meeting the families must not completely rely upon the process of kundali matching as it doesn’t show the complete picture of the prospective bride and a prospective groom. There is so much more to the family and their children than knowing some parts of information about them through the process of kundali Milan.


Before you step foot into the world of astrology and drive yourself into matching making process, you need to check the family background well before coming in terms with any of your decisions. It is vital that you check the family’s status of the prospective bride or a groom. The family background speaks for itself, their image and the reputation, etc must also be considered and looked into. It is also important that you must cross-check preliminary credits of a prospective male and a prospective female which would be the rising concern of suppression of any wrought facts. Before you get on with the matchmaking process, you need to check the intentions of both the boy and the girl. Their intentions in order to get married must match with one another. The information of both the couple must be put to them without them being unaware of certain points about each other.



In order to check whether the couple is compatible with each other for lifelong, age longevity of both are considered. Or else, one death can cause big havoc in their lives and could make a wife widow and husbandless in the future.  To avoid this agony, it is important to check the longevity of both the spouses first. You must avoid getting married if your chart displays less lifespan. Only a professional astrologer can help the prospective bride and groom check their longevity. They can assess the longevity well as compared to less experienced astrologers. The person you go to matters a lot in terms of kundali matching rituals for anybody’s wedding for that matter.

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