You are about to get married and have no idea if the person you are going to get married to is ‘’the one.’’ Sure, both of you get along well, are compatible, but you are not sure. Or, it is a love match but again, the divorce rates are rising and you have no idea if your partner and you may separate in the future and you rather not get married in the first place and save yourself a heartbreak. This is where Kundali matching steps in and helps you solve your dilemma. And trust me, it is a lifesaver.

What is kundali matching?

Kundali matching is the matching or the comparison of the Janam kundalis of both the individuals that are about to be married. Janam Kundalis is the crux of kundali matching. Kundali matching uses the janam kundalis of the individuals to calculate and analyse the compatibility- emotional, mental and physical, between the individuals that are to be married and to know if they are well suited for each other or not.

Kundali matching with the help of the date of birth of the individuals and the time of birth of the individuals

As I said, kundali matching is the matching of the janam kundalis of the individuals that are about to be married and kundali matching is usually done before the marriage and before anything about the marriage is fixed. Janam kundali is the birth charts of the individual that literally tell you everything about the individual. The janam kundali of an the individual is the mirror image of the individual’s innermost wants and desires, the reflection of the individual’s subconscious mind and thoughts. The janam kundali of an individual is calculated on the basis of three main parameters, them being-

The exact date of birth of the individual

The exact time of birth of the individual

The place of birth of the individual

And because of these factors, no two individuals have the same janam kundali. The janam kundali of an individual tells us a lot about the individual, mainly, the most prominent personality traits of the individual, the dominant characteristics of the individual, the strengths and weaknesses, the likes and dislikes of the individual in regard, the most suited career option for the individual, the name that is suited for the individual, the potential that the individual possesses, it also helps the individual in tapping into his/her potential and using it to their advantage, and also helps the individual in finding the most well suited and compatible life partner. Furthermore, kundali matching is calculated by comparing the two janam kundalis and is also calculated on the planetary positions of the Nakshatras (birth star signs) of the individual, the position of the planets and the Sun, and the Moon in the twelve houses of the Janam kundali of the individuals. Also, kundali matching has important kootas that are found in the kundali of the individual, eight of them, and each koota contains a certain amount of Gunas. To go further in detail, these gunas help in finding out the compatibility between the individuals. When the janam kundalis of the individuals are matched, if the total sum of the gunas are less than eighteen out of thirty-six gunas, then the match between the two individuals is inauspicious and will be a complete disaster because of the compatibility quotient score being so low. But if the total sum of the gunas is said to be more than eighteen out of thirty-six, then the match is advised and is probable. If the couple has the score of twenty-seven gunas or more out of thirty-six gunas, then it is the best probable and auspicious match and the match is strongly advised.

All in all, kundali matching is advised to done by an expert astrologer and again, the main purpose behind kundali matching is to ensure the happiness of the future couple and to make sure that they do not have problems ahead and remain happy, as they were in the start and face whatever problems and troubles they have together. Kundali matching is calculated and predicted, and not done on the basis of random beliefs.

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