Kundali Matching: What Makes The Two Individuals Compatible?

Kundali Matching: What Makes The Two Individuals Compatible?

kundli or birth chart of an individual is a detailed calculation surrounding the time the individual was born, its planetary influence, zodiac and place of birth. Vedic astrology assures that reading a Kundli can speak a lot about the person for example toe any unexpected accident at a particular age, interest categories and even behavioural issues. For years Kundali has been the source of many important decisions marriage is not excluded from the list. Kundli matching is one of the first and foremost step of a happy healthy marriage. The Kundli is divided into 36 gunas which is tested through the 8 tests, the positive number of matching regards to how complimentary the bond is and the compatibility of the marriage. Kundli matching is based on the percentage between the two individual.


The gunas or traits of kundli matching are not considered enough, when marriage is such an important aspect for an individual they should make sure no tables are unturned. Zodiac or the horoscope also plays an important role in determining the bond between two partners. This is the area that determines the happiness between the two individuals. Matching the horoscope in Kundali matching nullifies the bad effects of a marriage.

Horoscope matching can be conducted online too. The information that is required to be enrolled in order to exceed the kundali matching is name, place of birth along with the exact time and most importantly the zodiac the individual belongs to. Sometimes they might ask for the enrolment of an influenced element or ruling planet. The beneficial part of this type of horoscope kundli matching is the result formed can be studied and analysed by the one amateur to the complexities of Vedic astrology.


Many people that after the complimentary matching of 36 gunas in the Kundli matching the process ends and the results are established but most don’t comprehend or even educated about the step that comes next. The coming process states perfection to the result. There are some other points that have to be kept in mind and simultaneously put into application for that happy happily ever after.

The following points and their application can optimize a perfect Kundli matching :

Hardship in the second house:

The adversities one face in the second house which is the relationship one possess with their partners is important to know in order to ensure good results in Kundli matching. If an individual have always experienced a happy healthy relationship with their parents a blissful married life is inevitable but for some reason, if one has had calamities due to toxicities in the family since childhood, it can portray in their behaviour and the married couple will have trust issues as stated by Kundli matching.

The number of marriages and the possibility of an extramarital affair:

The behavioural aspect of any individual is extremely important to establish a happy bond between two partners. Kundli matching can determine the compatibility between two people but only the horoscope and future predictions through methods like palmistry and Kundli studying determine the number of marriages and if there is a possibility of an extramarital affair. These also regulate perfect Kundli matching and whether the couple will last long forever.

Mental state and psychological condition:

The psychological condition of the individual can determine many situations and their management in a relationship. Kundli matching might conquer the mental compatibility between two partners but the mental state of the individual, whether they are mentally sound or they suffer from any past mental trauma is important to determine the behaviour they will possess in the marriage. The reading of a Kundli matching can be more clarified with this trait.

Financial prosperity:

The financial prosperity of both the individual is extremely important to regulate the realistic side of marriage. Having monetary stability is important for any Kundli matching to settle a happy healthy marriage. How co independent and self-sufficient partners are to each other are determined from this characteristics trait of Kundli matching.

Physical Qualities:

The physical qualities doesn’t mostly imply to the physique of a person rather comprehending this characteristic actuate the sexual compatibility between two partners, though it is not openly talked about it is one of the most important aspects of any marriage. Kundli matching should clarify and establish the sexual relationship and the chances of a child conceived to result in a conjugal marriage. 

Commitment in a Relationship:

This particular aspect is not mentioned boldly in a Kundli match but the longevity of any married relationship solely depends on the personal commitment capacity of each individual. A slight disturbance in commitment can debunk many other matches in a Kundli matching so it is imperative that the commitment between two partners are clarified.