Know your birth chart

Birth chart, a person’s astrological DNA, is most likely the most fundamental aspect of astrology. Needed for the process of Kundli matching, for predicting of different futuristic aspects like career, finance, health, etc. or simply wanting to know the personality of a person, the birth chart is what all astrologers look over to. 

Knowing more about birth charts.

The formation of the birth chart needs three basic information: 

Time of birth. 

Date of birth.


This is an astrological map created by using the position of the planets during the exact time, date and location of the individual’s birth. This birth charts can tell a person more than they know about themselves. It keeps the capability to predict any possible adventure or hurdle in the individual’s life and also aid in making better and well-informed decisions. 

Astrology has sure been gaining a lot of momentum in the present generation, with everyone interested to know more about their zodiacs and maybe even their future. A birth chart is the closest we can get to know our future till the time a time machine is created. We are full of interest and misconceptions about this concept and it is better we try to get to know it little by little.

What you need to know about a birth chart. 

To know what birth charts are and to leave the misconceptions behind, we need to be aware of these simple facts. 

The chart has a total of 12 segments. Each of these segments represents different areas of an individual’s life. From focusing on relationship aspect, health, career to self-identity and emotional aspects, there is nothing a natal chart misses. These 12 segments are often referred to as houses. 

There are a total of 10 planets that are divided into these 12 segments.

As there are only 10 planets whereas there are 12 houses, every individual has empty houses in their chart. But this doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing or that one’s life is deprived of that particular aspect.

All these 12 houses are assigned a zodiac of their own. 

Each of these 12 houses has a different ruling or governing planet of its own. These governing planets are based on what zodiac sign represents that particular house. 

It is more than just Sun sign. A person’s behaviour and traits are also influenced by two other factors. Thus, the three deciding factors of a person’s personality, is the Sun sign, the Moon sign and lastly, the ascendant sign. 

While the Sun sign is predicted based on the birth date and hence the birth month. Both the Moon sign and the ascendant sign (also called rising sign) rely on the exact time of birth as well as on the location. 

Each planet influences the other. This means that each planet can exert and manifest its good or its bad energy into the other planet. Will the energy and the effect of the planet would be good or bad, it depends on how they are located against each other, facing each other or in a blind spot. This can either result in a very harmonious effect or can result in very drastic harm throughout a person’s life.

In the process of Kundli matching, an astrologer uses the Birth chart or Janam Kundli of an individual. And if a person doesn’t have their birth chart, the astrologer does not proceed without creating one. Birth charts are the basic tool used to calculate the compatibility between two individuals before marriage. 

Astrology seems to many as just one of the many passing trends which would leave overtime. But the reality is far from it. Astrology has existed over years and has blessed many by providing substantial knowledge. But more importantly, when we make a mistake of reading generalised horoscopes based on our sun sign, we are not getting accurate readings. For precision, it is a must that we resort to our birth chart.

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