Kids Zone – Vastu Tips for children and Kids Room

Kids Zone – Vastu Tips for children and Kids Room

Each and every parent want their kids to prosper and achieve great heights in their life be it career-wise or personal life. They do every bit they can from their side to provide them with an ambiance that helps their kids grow and learn in a holistic environment. From sending them to the best possible school in town to giving them access to all their basic and luxury needs, parents go to a great extent to give a healthy and supportive environment to their ever so loved and adored kids. However, they miss out on an extremely crucial thing, they feel it is unimportant to arrange the house especially children's room through Vastu tips, which are known to greatly impact the ambiance at home either positively or negatively. The directions – north, south, east, and west matters a lot, more than you think. This is what this article is implied to give you the best Vastu tips suggested by the experts that need to be incorporated at home to ensure a positive aura ---

The best direction to put up a kid’s room is the west direction as per the Vastu suggestions. While the door ought to face the east direction in order to welcome a positive aura and joy into the kids' room. 

While constructing the door keep a note of it that it would be better if the door of the bedroom opens in a clockwise direction. Other than this, if possible do not hang any posters or sign on the doorway as it is considered inauspicious and is said to bring clashes and arguments between the siblings.

Next, the southwest zone should be fixed for placing the bed and while sleeping ensure that your kid is sleeping with their head faced either in the south direction or the east direction for a healthy and disease free mind and body. Keep in mind that the doorway should not be directly facing the bed.

Do not let your children munch onto the food items while sitting on the bed as it is said that such a practice brings unpleasant dreams and overall negative energy surrounds the children's room. The bed is meant for sleeping and relaxing, so it should remain in that way.

Steer clear of furnishing the room of your children with too many electronic items and gadgets. As per science and Vastu, such placement can expose your children to stress and harmful radiation. It can also greatly affect the concentration power of your kids. However, moving ahead with the world and stepping up with technology, familiarizing your children with computers/laptops is of utmost importance. So, it is advisable for parents to place the computer system in the north direction while the TV set if any needs to be placed can be in the South-east zone of the room.

A study zone and study table should be either facing east north or north-east corner of the room. The study place and table should be kept neat and clean in order to help build concentration power and to generate and execute new ideas every now and then. Another important thing to be kept in mind is to make sure that the child is facing either the east or north direction to improve memory power and ability to concentrate more profoundly during the dedicated study hours each day.

As per the Vastu shastra, the expert astrologers advise keeping the bookshelf in the northeast corner of the room. The material used in making bookshelf should be wood rather than metal or any other material as it can cause negative vibes in the kid’s room. Parents should ensure that the children’s study desk is neat and no books should be placed on the table, so as to avoid any unnecessary study pressure on children.

The furnishing of the children's room should be in the south-west section, as it is the ideal place to decorate the room further with furniture. Parents should make sure none of the furniture is placed in the middle or center so as to avoid any unnecessary hindrance or blockage in the path.

The Vastu experts suggest that the children's room should be painted in light shade hues and colors like yellow or off-white to brighten the room and instill positive vibes into the place. Make sure any other dark color wallpapers and wall coloring should be avoided such as black and blue, as these colors muddle the thought pattern of children and can bring out negative emotions on the surface.

Any type of exposed mirrors should be kept away from children’s room and parents should ensure that none of the mirrors should be directly placed at the fore of the bed.

The kid’s room ought to have proper lighting which can be arranged in the south-east zone and ensure that you’re avoiding any kind of sharp lamps to keep children free from any kind of strain. Also, ensure that the children’s room is always well lit and if possible make sure in enough amount natural source of light, which is sunlight should enter into children’s bedroom. As it is known to all that sunlight is the ideal source of killing all germs and also helps in flushing out the toxins to ensure a healthy living space for kids to prosper.

The closets and any kind of stuff like cabinets, almirahs, etc should only be accommodated in the children’s room either in the west zone or south direction. Also, the best structure for the children’s room should be either in rectangular shape or square shape. It should typically constitute all the four directions which are---North, South, East, and West. To further ensure that there is a proper flow of positive energy and good vibes in the room create some distance while placing the furniture in the room. Other than this, make sure that there are no sharp edges blocking up the free flow of energy in the kid’s personal zone.