Ketu in Taurus - Meaning And Personality Traits

Ketu in Taurus - Meaning And Personality Traits

Venus, a female aquatic star that has a warm relation with Ketu, rules Taurus. Taurus' earthly aspect keeps them rooted. They live freely and bring in a lot of motion into their lives. Ketu's nervous and unstable character, along with Taurus' calm, makes it difficult for the locals to choose between a serene and genuine mind frame and a turbulent and proactive one. They're inclined to talk a lot and are frequently fake about it. They often struggle to obtain luxury and the level of material prosperity that they want. Taurus also has Ketu, which lends the individual a contemplative disposition.  

The people of this astrological location have a penchant for procrastination and are as obstinate as a bulldog. Their egos may also contribute to their inability to maintain a connection with their romantic lead. They are more inclined to make personal unethical mistakes in their lives, and they cannot be rewarded for their empathy and caring. They also have strained relationships with family members.   

Dates of Ketu in Taurus– May 19th– December 6th  

Planet of Rule- Venus  

Element of Ketu- Earth  

Famous Celebrities- Mario Miranda, Dev Anand 

The personality of Ketu in Taurus: Decoding   

The existence of Ketu in Taurus causes a lot of change in people's lives, especially in terms of money, since individuals will experience deprivation as well as periods of great fortune. Besides that, these individuals will be intimately linked to the world's most enormous riches and materialism features. These folks have an insatiable yearning for pleasure and pleasure.   

The effect of Ketu in Taurus can lead to inappropriate activity and make people more tenacious and haughtier in their actions. These people feel unhappy in partnerships, but they are unable to avoid them. These individuals are aware of the uncomfortable effects of both unity and tranquility, as well as turbulence.  

Here, the individual is trying to embrace the radical changes in the world and the situations surrounding him. They would want to believe that their soul voyage has come to an end. They are sick of remembering their worldly load from previous worldly recollections, and they wish to experience the price. As a consequence, it appears that developing capabilities for possible to transform will be challenging.   

On a broader scale, these individuals are linked to an ancient behavior pattern that served them well in their prior lifetimes. They have a history of accomplishing things the hard way. They expend so much physical stamina that they diminish their inner life to the extent where they lose sight of any interesting possibilities besides the extraordinary life they have been used to.  

Positive traits of Ketu in Taurus  

In Taurus, Ketu did more damage than benefit. You'll be rushed, which also will influence your choices. Before actually making any economic choices, it is recommended that you exercise tolerance and read the paperwork; you will look after your spouse's wellness. While there'll be some disagreements with your spouse, you will be able to regulate the situation with the prayers of the seniors. To keep your wellness, you must get enough rest. When you choose a joint initiative, think more carefully. With Ketu in Taurus, there's a decent possibility you'll have a career that requires a lot of traveling or that requires you to relocate from your birthplace. Rahu in the 4th house, which impacts family tranquility, adds to this. The specific impact is also determined by your Rashi and the 4th and 10th house elements.  

Negative traits of Ketu in Taurus  

In the Taurus Zodiac, Ketu is also a romantic stumbling block. These people also have problems in their families. They frequently take incorrect life paths, which necessitate immoral acts. They are exceedingly compassionate, caring, very kind and, yet they fail to receive the same amount of kindness and care from others. In the Taurus Zodiac, Ketu renders an individual boring. Such folks have a propensity towards tardiness. These indigenous people can be as obstinate as a bull at moments. Ego shapes the nature of the people by embracing the problems of keeping in contact.  


The existence of Ketu in the Taurus region would cause many changes in the resident's presence, especially in terms of riches, as the people would experience periods of tremendous wealth and deprivation. Aside from that, these people would be very attracted to wealth and material areas of life. These individuals have an unquenchable yearning for enjoyment and pleasure.   

The effect of Ketu in Taurus can turn the inhabitants unethical while also rendering them extra obstinate and selfish. These people don't like being tied down in relationships, but they can't keep away from them. These individuals are thought to embody insecurity, as well as a shortage of serenity and concord.