Ketu in Pisces - Meaning And Personality Traits

Ketu in Pisces - Meaning And Personality Traits

The individuals that are born between the 19th of February and the 20th of March are considered to be Pisces and these individuals belong to the element of water. They are spiritual by nature and they are highly intuitive individuals who enjoy harmony and have a vivid imagination. These individuals are also undisciplined, very problematic, have a tendency to gossip a lot and they also tend to be very disorganized. These individuals are quite self-confident and they are known to be confident in their abilities and skills.  

The planet Ketu indicates salvation and the zodiac sign, Pisces, indicates spirituality. Due to the whole placement of the planet Ketu in the zodiac sign Pisces, they are highly intuitive and are known to have a sixth sense that is very active. These individuals are drawn to deep research and are also known to have addictions like gambling. They need to maintain the harmony of their family and will also need someone to guide them. 

The personality of Ketu in Pisces: Decoding 

The personality of the planet Ketu in Pisces individuals is that they are known to seek stability in their lives and will always achieve their goals. These individuals will also experience betrayal when it comes to love and they will face moral and physical challenges that will shape them to the person they are today. These individuals are known to indulge in gossip and will also become involved in them which can harm them in the long run. The Ketu in Pisces individuals also have the tendency to dream and will always ask for help from others. They are quite disorganized individuals who lack the discipline and the need to be organized. They also may not be their best productive self especially when they rely on others for help. These individuals have a heightened intuition, and there are a lot of times they find themselves to be wanderers of the zodiac. The Ketu in Pisces individuals are creative, artistic and absolutely dreamy. They also tend to be extremely detached and have an unstable mental health because of the challenges they face in life. They rely highly on their intuition and they are firm believers of their spirituality.  

Positive Traits of Ketu in Pisces 

The positive traits of the Ketu in Pisces individuals are that being ruled by the planet Jupiter, they are known to be generous to the fault and are also highly intuitive and creative. These individuals tend to dream more than make their dreams work and they are meditative by nature. They are also individuals who love to travel and have a strong interest in religion and spirituality. They have a strong desire to earn respect and are known for their need to support social causes. They are humble and cannot ignore a person in need. The Ketu in Pisces individuals are also well known in the society and are known to respect their elders. They have strong moral compass and ethics that they will always follow. These individuals are extremely intelligent and are known to intellectual geniuses.  

Negative Traits of Ketu in Pisces 

The negative traits of the planet Ketu in Pisces individual is that these individuals are born dreamers. They dream more than doing something about their dream. They also tend to face a lot of problems when it comes to their eyes and ears. They are known to be the best keepers of secret bur there are times when they are known to make the worst decisions. These individuals are flighty and hate responsibility, they prefer not having any responsibility on their shoulders.  

The Ketu in Pisces individual are known to have depressive thoughts, especially when they have an unstable mental state. These individuals also find themselves in trouble because of the decisions they make, and refuse to change their mind. In spite of being highly intuitive, there are a lot of times they refuse to listen to their intuition and allow themselves to make the wrong choice because of the honey words said by someone who would like to see their downfall. These individuals need to start listening to their gut feeling rather than allowing themselves to be led astray. 


The Ketu in Pisces individuals are one of the most loyal individuals you will come across, and they are humble and kind by nature. These individuals tend to prioritize the needs of others than their own and do not mind being in trouble even when it is the sake for someone else.