Ketu in Cancer - Meaning And Personality Traits

Ketu in Cancer - Meaning And Personality Traits

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Ketu is a bit harmful to it according to Vedic astrology. Being a water sign ruled by the Moon, it represents feelings and emotions. In Hindu astrology, Ketu is an imaginary but very powerful planet. It is always connected with liberation, mystery, crafty thinking, spiritual detachment, etc. Ketu is known to make serial killers and psychopaths but is also well-known for making famous personalities  

The personality of Ketu in Cancer: Decoding 

When Ketu is in Cancer, it gives the native a negative personality as it creates a lot of confusion. Such people find it hard to understand their own emotions. Their mind is always occupied with negative things instead of being positive. There is a sense of doubt in them which disturbs all their thoughts and opinions. Ketu is known to be a shadow planet so in a way, it puts a shadow on the native's mind and creates obscurity and misunderstandings. 

People born with Ketu in Cancer feel a sense of sadness, doubt, and fear. Sometimes such natives develop some kind of phobia too. Their mind is unwavering and unstable. In fact, airy thoughts fill their mind. They are also likely to have gastric issues. Nonetheless, these people are sympathetic towards other people. Their mind is religiously inclined and when it comes to spirituality, it can go extreme. Because of their excessively confused emotional personality, they find it hard to get peace of mind. However, they have good management skills. 

Positive traits of Ketu in Cancer 

Cancer rules emotions so it will try to control your emotions in any way possible. But with Ketu in Cancer, the native feel all types of emotions in a balanced manner. Such natives do not rigidly control their emotions.  

With Ketu in Cancer, the native will be very lucky for his father and his Guru. He or she is also likely to be blessed with a son. However, this is going to happen only when the native's guru blesses him or her. Their son will live a long life.  

With the presence of Ketu in Cancer, a person tends to give great advice. He or she will never fall short of money.  

Negative traits of Ketu in Cancer 

Cancer is ruled by Moon. Moon and Ketu are enemies so with Ketu in Cancer, the impact will be mostly negative on the native. The native's inner sensitivity will get intensified. He or she will always crave emotional stability, support, and security. Because of this, natives with Ketu in Cancer find difficulty in trusting others. They will be usually detached from their surroundings and the people surrounding them. Such people are also likely to have an unstable mind and a flickering life.  

People with Ketu in Cancer can become self-centered at times. They may also think of having a materialistic and comfortable life. Most of them are not satisfied with what is happening in their life. These people fear God and mostly leave all of their life decisions on God. 

If Ketu is malefic in Cancer, the native will be very unhealthy. His or her mother might have to go through some trouble and there might be a loss of happiness. Such a person can also suffer from diabetes.  


Usually, the overall impact of Ketu in Cancer is negative. Cancer is ruled by Moon and Ketu and Moon are known to be big enemies so, with the presence of Ketu in Cancer, the overall effects become more negative than positive. However, there are some positive effects like the native with Ketu in Cancer gives sound advice that proves to be very helpful to others. They are able to feel all of their emotions but in a balanced and healthy manner. If Ketu is benefic in Cancer, the natives can be blessed with a son. But for this, they need the blessings of their guru also. The person will be very lucky for his Guru and his father. These people are also sympathetic towards others. But if Ketu is malefic in Cancer, then it has a lot of negative effects on the native. The native's mother might have to experience some trouble and there are chances of unhappiness. They will also be very unhealthy and are likely to suffer from diabetes. They want to live a comfortable life full of material possessions always. These individuals are always craving emotional stability, security, and support. Trusting someone is very difficult for them. Sometimes such natives become very self-centered.