Ketu in 6th House – Impact and Characteristics – Vedic Astrology

Ketu which is the invisible planet is also known as the South or Descendant Node of the Moon. Ketu marks the planetary shift from the monotonous mundane life of materialism to the spiritual life. As contrary to the planet Rahu which increases the evil and mishappenings in life, Ketu on the other hand contributes to spiritual awakening. It guides an individual in the right path and makes the person understand from where the evil has originated.

The presence of Ketu in the sixth house of an individual makes him susceptible to accidents. The individual is going to be prone to diseases and might suffer from serious injuries throughout their lifetime. There are going to be some testing times and the individual will have to face difficulties, however, these individuals will manage to overcome these hurdles with the help of their firm determination.

Aspects of Life affected due Ketu in the sixth House

  • Occultism and Spiritual Believes
  • The Courage to Fight
  • Health
  • Hatred and Hostility

Positive Impacts and Characteristics

The position of Ketu in the sixth house results in the development of occult powers in an individual. If you have Ketu in the sixth house then it can be said with confidence that you are someone who believes in spirituality. Your strong inclination towards spirituality makes you highly intuitive. These individuals have great communication skills and find it very easy to connect with others. They have the unique ability in engaging in different conversations and are huge motivators. People find themselves inspired and motivated by their verses and their thought process. The natives have mystical powers and gain spiritual wisdom throughout their lifetime.

The position of the planet Ketu in the sixth house is a blessing for the natives because these individuals possess the ability to fight against diseases and ailments. They are blessed with strong immunity power and fall sick rarely. These individuals might suffer health problems such as Diabetes, however, they soon will be able to take control of it. There might be circumstances where some serious diseases will not get diagnosed at the right time. But be assured, as soon as it gets diagnosed you will be able to have complete control of it.

The placement of Ketu in the sixth house may make these individuals vulnerable and they might end up making some enemies. They might be agitated by few individuals and share hostile feelings towards them. However, these individuals will be able to overcome the hurdle of enmity and establish a stable ground for themselves which is rid of any toxicity. The placement of Ketu in the sixth house brings in strong mental stability. The natives will be able to achieve success and can also achieve fame and prosperity in life.

Negative Impacts and Characteristics

In Vedic Astrology, the presence of Ketu in the sixth house is not a good omen. It makes an individual prone to injuries and accidents. Ketu in the sixth house causes the development of many obstacles and hurdles in the life of an individual. The placement of Ketu in the sixth house makes an individual very susceptible to illness and disease. They become very vulnerable to any kind of disease and will always have the fear of meeting with accidents. But this doesn’t render the spirit of the natives. They rise from the ash and overcome all the hurdles and with their determination, they continue to strive and gain success and prosperity.

Ketu in the sixth house makes the native fearful about government organizations. If the position of Ketu is badly afflicted, then can also make a person very violent with their actions. This can make a person volatile. The individual can engage themselves in criminal activity and can also showcase anti-social behavior.


The placement of the planet Ketu in the sixth house has a strong influence on the health of the individual. It possesses strong abilities in making the individual prone to diseases and accidents. These individuals will always face the trouble of falling sick very often and can even encounter serious diseases throughout their lifetime. But, Ketu in the sixth house also brings strong mental stability in an individual. The natives of Ketu in the sixth house are very firm and determined. They are strongly inclined towards their dream and aspiration and will always find a way to achieve success. With their firm determination, they can overcome the hurdles and will be able to achieve fame. They possess all the energy in them to utilize their energy to the fullest to overcome all difficulties.

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