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Like Rahu, the planet Ketu is not real, neither it has any visual and physical structure. However, it holds substantial value in the life of the native. Ketu is said to be a “dragon’s tail”. When Ketu is placed in the 4th house, it grants the natives with aspiration, spirituality, and unbiasedness. Natives with this arrangement exhibit karmic elements in relationships, and they have indestructible trust in life. Individuals having this arrangement can get unexpected benefits in business and get a beneficial outcome. Ketu is considered a malevolent planet also, but it is humble than Rahu. Ketu represents a secluded place in an individual’s life.

Aspects of life affected due to Ketu in the 4th house

  • Strength
  • Prosperity
  • Political matters
  • Way of living
  • Spirituality

Positive Impacts and Characteristics

The positioning of Ketu in the 4th house makes the individual greatly spiritual, evolved, and they walk on a virtuous path always. Natives with this arrangement can encounter enlightenment, contentment, and exceptional understanding. The male natives with Ketu in the fourth house are kind-hearted and respect women always. Besides that, it is possible that natives can get unexpected benefits in business and real estate.

The positioning of Ketu in the 4th house makes the natives wealthy, well known, and commendable personage in society. It is noticed that the natives will live an opulent lifestyle with all types of comforts and luxuries. They also know how to maintain the bond with their wife/husband and mother as per the marriage prediction of Ketu in the 4th house.

It is also expressed that the marital life of the natives with Ketu placed in the 4th house is blessed, joyful, and amorous. Both the partners have respect for each other, appreciate their opinions, and the relationship is prolonged than any other couple. Even though the 4th house is ruled by the planet Moon, the natives will obtain great results with the placement of Ketu in the 4th house. Ketu can support in making of famous personalities like investigators and magicians.

The placement of Ketu in the 4th house can lead to the succession of property inherited by mothers. The natives start investing in charities and remain socially active. They will become financially sound and this can attract other people to take advice from the natives.

Negative Impacts and Characteristics

According to Hindu Astrology, natives with the arrangement of Ketu in the 4th house are shifting and traveling to several places always. They can be forced to leave their native place and move to a foreign land. The natives are pregnable and they can lose their intellect and spirituality. The existence of Ketu in the 4th house also impacts the relationship of natives with their wife and mother.

In some of the cases, the natives can experience depression and anxiety because of loss in business gains. Ketu is malevolent, it also impacts the native’s decision-making and thinking process. Furthermore, the natives can experience a lack of self-confidence and can lose their potential to make clever decisions. It can also impact their affluence.

Ketu proposes malign results when positioned with the planet Moon, which is a legitimate significator of house number 4th. This combination impacts the life of the natives in several areas. If this combination happens, their life’s hopes can suffer and they can even become unstable financially. This placement can also cause paranormal impacts, and causing loss of intelligence. When Ketu is placed in the 4th house, it negatively impacts their psychic potential, wisdom, wealth, and well-being. Ketu is known to produce psychopaths or serial killers. If Ketu is placed on the negative side of the 4th house, it can separate a mother and her child. This placement can also cause the deterioration of the health and longevity of the native’s mother. The native may have to face a lot of issues with their family and friends.


The existence of Ketu in the 4th house has positive and negative impacts on the natives. Ketu plays a vital role in creating the natives’ lives and it benefits spirituality. The existence of your guru, teacher, or mentor plays a critical role in your victory. According to Hindu Astrology, the impact of Ketu can stay for about 7 years in the life of the natives and offers more negative outcomes if it is positioned with the planet Moon. however, the malign impact of Ketu in the 4th house can be withdrawn if you know how to handle it. It is vital to stay clear and focused.

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