Ketu in 2nd House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

The Descending or the South Node of the moon, which is commonly known as Ketu is a headless planet. The shadow planet is invisible and can’t be perceived through naked eyes. It appears as a point amongst the arrangements of the celestial bodies.

Ketu is a vicious planet; however, the impacts of Ketu aren’t as strong as that of Rahu. However, the presence of Ketu in the second house of the astrological chart signifies a certain degree of mishappenings and bad luck that will be brought about by Ketu in life. It depends on the perspective of an individual.

The impacts of Ketu are brought about, to make the person adopt a different spiritual path and realize the wrong path they have been walking on for quite some time. This eventually makes the person believe and take the path of Moksha which is the ultimate destination of happiness. In the astrological chart, the 2nd house deals with financial matters and monetary aspects in life. The placement of Ketu in the 2nd house implies that you are going to be a very knowledgeable and educated person. Ketu will have a substantial influence on you making you take a very serious approach towards life.

Aspects Of Life Affected Due to Ketu In The Second House

  • Communication Skills and Interactions
  • Belief and faith in Spirituality
  • Speech and Verdicts
  • Quality of Health

Positive Impact and Characteristics

The presence of the planet Ketu in the second house makes an individual observative. Therefore, you can be the kind of person who speaks less and is intelligent. These individuals are aware of the importance of self-expression and will be able to express their emotions perfectly. They are also going to be learned and well versed with other foreign languages. These individuals are goal-oriented and the presence of Ketu in their second house makes them more indulgent and attracted towards materialistic pleasures in life.

The natives of the planet Ketu in the second house also tend to have a strong fascination with collecting artifacts and monuments. They might indulge themselves in collecting the first published copies of world-famous books and magazines. Although, they might not entrust their complete attention to all the books they collect and find it more pleasurable in just glancing through the pages. These natives are strongly inclined towards language, literature, and accounting.

Negative Impact and Characteristics

The presence of the planet Ketu in the second house can impact the delivery of the speech of an individual. The person can suffer from disorders such as stammering, problem in learning, and might also find it difficult in coping up with others. These individuals can exhibit characteristics of being too dependent on someone else. They can suffer from a lack of self-confidence.

Ketu in the second house can also increase the expenditures of a person and can also have a serious impact on the eyesight of an individual. They might not be as courteous as others and might have the absence of being polite, gentle, kind, and might to a certain extent be ill-mannered. Ketu also makes a person emotionally detached from their loved ones and therefore, the placement of Ketu in the second house can make a person detached from their family members. This can also involve natives may get detached from their life partners which can bring in troubles in the conjugal life. Natives of Ketu in the second house may find it difficult to maintain a stable relationship with their family members. There are also high possibilities of getting overindulgent in gambling and might suffer from great monetary losses.

The position of Ketu in the second house may make a person forgetful with his words and actions in the middle of the discussion. These natives might tend to leave sentences incomplete while delivering their speech which can create a wrong impression on them as speakers. These natives sometimes can also become arrogant and might also boast about their family inheritance and wealth. This will attract more hatred for them. The presence of Ketu in the second house can also have triggering impacts on the health of a person. Natives can suffer from heart diseases.


Ketu in the second house has a strong influence on finance and wealth. The placement of the planet in the second house also makes a person wise and knowledgeable. This possession of wisdom can be used by them for handling matters of money and wealth. They might use the knowledge in handling matters of precious acquisition and family businesses.