Ketu will enter Scorpio in the month of September 2020. There will be effects of positivity and negativity, according to the zodiacs, it raises its influence on.

Here is the prophecy of each zodiac and the impact that Ketu is going to bring in their lives, during this period. 


For the zodiac of Aries, Ketu will be the reason for difficulties that will be increasing in their life. There will be a disturbance in the mental peace and physical health might degrade as well. It is not advisable to travel during this period as the work or the reason behind the traveling won’t be successful. There will be a state of sadness in the spheres of job or career. There might be an issue of defamation amongst the society or the community as well.


Taurus, under the effects of the Ketu, are going to suffer from issues related to health. There might be ailments related to the stomach or abdomen. There might be a sense of problem or conflict in the family. A low vibe will be established in simple things or works that need to be executed. It is advisable to let go of the negative thoughts to gain progress in the matter of finance and economy.


For the zodiac of Gemini, Ketu will bear the auspicious results in the matter of life. A new pathway will be created as a solution regarding the problems, related to enemies. Under the influence of Mars, there will be progress in the health. It is profitable to take up a new job or a project.


Cancer, under the effects of the Ketu, will have to struggle to gain prosperity in the matters of competition or education, related to the students. It is advisable to avoid and stay away from gambling, lottery, and such activities. There will be worries, concerned with the children.


For the zodiac of Leo, Ketu will be influential and would not provide prosperity to the daily works that are highly concerned. There will be a sense of difficulty in carrying out the responsibilities related to the family. The financial condition or the income source of money might degrade. There will be obstacles in creative work or thoughts as well.


Virgo, under the effects of Ketu, will bear positive outcomes in the matter of encouragement and happiness. The drawback or the situations formed, due to Rahu, will be overcome and a new direction of hope will be established with the effects. The finance and the business will become stronger and will grow affluently. It is the appropriate period for new jobs or projects.


For the zodiac of Libra, Ketu will create problems and hurdles due to the behavioral patterns and the words that will be spoken. There will be difficulties in holding on to the money or financial conditions. There will be a sense of fear. Due to bad food or bad food habits, Libras are likely to suffer from stomach related problems. In the spheres of work, the success will be limited, according to the input that will be bestowed for the work.


Scorpio, under the effects of Ketu, will go through an inauspicious period. There will be the growth of mental agony or disturbances and that will affect the health as well. For the happiness of the planets, family, and work, lots of efforts are needed to be invested to gain the desired results. Success is possible if the individual gets rid of lethargic feelings. There will be progress with enthusiasm only in the sector of business.


For the zodiac of Sagittarius, Ketu will be the reason for over expenditure. There will be problems in making decisions that will create indecisive situations. Unnecessary problems and confusion will arise. In the spheres of work, progress is only possible if hard work is inculcated into it. It is advisable to stay away from fights and conflicts.


Capricorn, under the effects of Ketu, will be quite positive and successful. There will be profits blessed from one or more sources of income or jobs. Individuals will be highly successful in demeaning opponents. There will be a profit in every day’s income as well. The monetary sphere looks promising.


For the zodiac of Aquarius, there will be steadiness in business, balance in work, and in the spheres of health, there will be stress and tension. The individual is likely to remain angry most of the time. Under the influence of Mars, there will be obstacles arising in business. There might be an occurrence of accidents or illnesses which will cause stress.


Pisces, under the effects of Ketu, will be very profitable and auspicious in nature. The sense of belief will arise when it comes to religion or spirituality. There will be a success in the work that will be undertaken by the Pisces. Help and support might be provided from the government sector as well.