Are you in love with someone? And are you eager to get married to that right one? Well if you are you should have a look into our Indian custom rule book, I know there’s no such rule book in a literal sense, but as we’ve been taught there is always a metaphoric set of rules and regulations as laid out by our religiously dominated forefathers and ancestors. While one thinks of getting married in a country like India there are several factors to be considered other than finding the right boy or the right girls for that matter. Matching kundalis, considering pandits, Vedic astrology regulations and a lot more factors are there to be considered while binding two people in a lifelong companionship. There are a lot of people who’ve been planning their wedding day since they were little kids, and this excitement of their’s might have to face a little disappointment at times due to the delayed processes of marriages. Kundali matching issues, finding out doshas, clearing them out, figuring out compatibilities through the guna Milan method, and matching the birth charts of the two natives. All these, factors do make the wedding process steady and lazy, but as per our traditional backgrounds, one needs to go through these in order to have a successful married life. But, if you’re eager to get married and due to some reasons that are not happening any time soon then, there’s nothing for you worry about! There are many MANY remedies and ways one can adopt so as to ease out on their wedding processes. 


Usually, the delay in marriage is because of the positioning of the sun in the seventh house as the seventh house depicts that of the house of marriage and if the sun is placed there itself then there is a possibility of a delay. Apart from the sun, the presence of Saturn can also, be the reason behind the delay in marriage and part from the positioning, if the planet of love is interjected by any of the malefic planets like Rahu or the sun for that matter even then the wedding processes can be on a long halt. Moreover, Jupiter also rules the aspects of marriage children and etc, so, if there is any deficiency in the case of the planet Jupiter then that might also be on elf the reasons behind the same. 


Enough of the reasons, now let us come on to the remedies:  Especially in terms of girls, the parents can give her yellow-colored clothes on every Thursday and white on Fridays. Continuing this for at least 14 weeks might turn out to be helpful. 

Wearing new clothes while going to a wedding fixations might bring out a certain level of optimism which can help in easing out the process. 

Girls are also suggested to fast for 16 consecutive Mondays and offer holy water to Lord shiva. 

Praying to Goddess Parvati and lord shiva can be helpful in terms of getting a good looking and well-mannered groom. 

Pouring holy water to the shiva linga along with 21 bel leaves and chanting of om name Shivay can be a helpful tactic for both men and women. 

While attending a wedding and applying the same Mehendi as used for the groom and the bride can also be a useful trick so as to get married earlier. 

Feeding green grass or spinach to cows regularly is also regarded as a deep-seated tactic in our mythology. 

If there is the presence of Rahu dosha then one should worship goddess Durga so as to get rid of these obstacles in a marriage.